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Superheroes are dominating the movie industry right now. Every year new comic book films break box-office records and introduce audiences to new and exciting characters. Unfortunately, one cinematic superhero universe that can't seem to catch a break is DC. It all started with Man of Steel's divisive and controversial reception and has continued with the more recent Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad.

One aspect of the DC Extended Universe that's received the most criticism by fans is the dark and depressing take on everyone's favorite superhero: Superman. In spite of the lukewarm reception recent DC films have encountered, fans have been hopeful for a proper Man of Steel sequel, that gave us an accurate portrayal of the legendary superhero. Well, if this new tidbit of information is to be believed, our wishes could finally become true in the form of Man of Steel 2.

The Wrap is reporting that a person very familiar with the project has stated that a sequel to Man of Steel that gets the character right is a top priority for DC and Warner Bros. Don't expect the Superman sequel so soon, though, as the source states that the film will most likely arrive after Ben Affleck's upcoming Batman movie.

Fortunately, we won't have to wait to see Henry Cavil in the iconic tights for very long as he will portray Superman once again in 2017's Justice League. But, what does the JL film mean for Man of Steel 2? What can the sequel give us from the guy in red shorts? Could it give the DC Extended Universe a fresh start? Let's take a look at the possibilities:

What Justice League Can Do For Superman's Portrayal Before Man Of Steel 2?

In Batman V Superman, Superman perishes at the hands of a plot hole — I mean Doomsday. Fortunately, Justice League will deal with the Man of Steel's triumphant return and reintroduction into the DC Extended Universe. Could that also signal a rebirth for the character?

Something that is easily recognizable from Justice League's Comic-Con trailer is the heavy inclusion of humor and levity, also present in the first official image of the film, shown above. One aspect from said picture that stands out to me is Superman's more relaxed appearance, compared to previous promotional material for Batman v Superman, which showed him always angry and desperate.

With Superman's rebirth, the film could take the opportunity to give us a different take on the character. One who is not shrouded in self-doubt, not burdened with depression or always worried with how people see him. The Superman from the comic books is an individual who - whether he's loved or hated - does his job without any regrets because he knows that's the right thing to do, and not because he's tied to something his father told him a decade before.

Superman in Batman V Superman
Superman in Batman V Superman

The upcoming superhero epic should take advantage of the character's rebirth and give us a happy and light Superman. Someone who you'd like to hang out with, who you see rescuing a cat from a tree or giving children helpful advice, who you can believe as a beacon of light among the darkness. Having a Superman with these characteristics, handled in the right way, would not be cheesy and would be a perfect form of diversity for this new dark world DC is going for.

How Man of Steel 2 Can Take Advantage Of The Superman Justice League Sets Up

With Justice League doing all the heavy lifting by introducing an accurate portrayal of Superman, Man of Steel 2 - being a film solely dedicated to the hero - can simply take off (pun intended) with this advantage.

The sequel can finally give us a new perspective on the hero, ditching the sad, depressing looks into the distance and willingness to murder for someone with a strict moral code; as mentioned above, a real beacon of hope. This would give us the chance to have the public be in Superman's corner for once. We've seen the doubting, enemy-of-the-public alien dynamic in three different films. It's time to move on.

Man of Steel 2 has the easiest chance at being one of the greatest comic book films of all time: You have one of the best and most likable fictional characters in history with some of the best villains in the comic book world. Having a different Superman is the chance to drop Lex Luthor or Kryptonians as the main antagonists.

Superman has many awesome villains like Brainiac, Mongul, Silver Banshee, Metallo and Mr. Mxyzptlk, all of which would be a perfect fit for a light-hearted, exciting, fun and adventurous Superman film.

Conclusion: Man Of Steel 2 Can Be What The DCEU Needs

A lot of fans are unwilling to see the DC Extended Universe's many problems. However, If the franchise keeps going down this dark, edgy path, one that has proven to only divide audiences, people will eventually stop supporting the films and move on to the next franchise that can give them a more accurate portrayal of its characters.

A change of pace through Man of Steel 2 would give the DC Extended Universe a helping hand, as well as erase the possibility of the superhero franchise fading into obscurity. Without a doubt, having a Man of Steel 2 give us a faithful take on everyone's favorite Big Blue Boy Scout would give the DCEU a fresh start and live-action portrayals worthy of the legendary and iconic characters it's putting on screen.

Do you think Man of Steel 2 will benefit the DC Extended Universe?


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