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This fall, New Girl, which is entering it's sixth season, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is going into it's fourth, will collide in an hour-long event on Fox. While crossovers have been rampant on television these days, with DCTV building an intersecting universe on the CW and NBC's Chicago block, it's rare to see unrelated comedies crossover like this.

New Girl and Brooklyn are filmed on different studios and take place in different cities, but Fox isn't letting that stop them. The Hollywood Reporter confirms that the crossover will take place in New York.

Here's what we might be able to expect:

Winston Teaming Up With The 99

It seems likely that newbie cop Winston will work a case with the 99 and possibly be the bridge that brings the two casts together. How Winston will tie into a case in Brooklyn and why he would be necessary will remain to be seen, but he'll certainly fit in to the squad dynamic in an amusing way. While he'll inevitably put his foot in his mouth around Captain Holt, he and Boyle would definitely hit it off, so hopefully they'll share some screen time. Both of them are sensitive, nurturing, and eccentric detectives and they share the same role within their respective groups.

We haven't seen Winston doing detective work on the kind of scale the 99 usually does, so it'll be satisfying to see Winnie the Bish take a new step in his career.

Parallels Between Nick/Jess And Jake/Amy

Season 5 of New Girl left off with Jess realizing she was still in love with Nick, just as he decided to get serious with Reagan. This theme will inevitably carry into the next season, and there’s a chance that the crossover will highlight some parallels between Nick and Jess and Brooklyn Nine-Nine's equivalent, Jake and Amy.

Both couples feature hyper-capable, organized, dorky women and irresponsible and messy man-children, who are drawn to each other in spite of their many differences. Jake and Amy are Nick and Jess a few seasons back — still optimistic and confident in their relationship. There’s a chance that seeing how Nick and Jess ended up could cast doubt on Jake and Amy's relationship, however, it seems more likely that Nick and Jess may be reminded in some way of their potential as a couple by seeing how the detectives have pulled it off.

Jake and Amy have an advantage, as Jake, a successful detective, is certainly more together than Nick and has made significant strides to compromise and care about the things that are important to Amy. Nick and Jess are clearly the endgame for New Girl though, so we can expect to see them being gently pushed together for the course of the season, even if Megan Fox's Reagan remains in the picture for a while.

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Coach moved to New York with his girlfriend two seasons back, so if the gang takes a trip out there, it would only make sense that they would meet up with him. We need Coach's high-pitched squeal in the midst of the inevitable antics these characters will get into.

Damon Wayans Jr. appeared in the finale to attend Schmidt and Cece's wedding, so he seems open to returning. Hopefully he'll be a bonus addition to an already jam-packed episode.

Character Dynamics

Both Brooklyn and New Girl rely on strong characters, and while the detectives of the 99 are distinctly different than the roommates of the loft, there are some great interactions to anticipate. Along with the aforementioned Winston and Boyle, Cece and Rosa would probably click as well, both being enigmatic, tough, and fierce ladies.

Schmidt would likely bond with Terry about staying in shape after obesity earlier in life and their mutual passion for things like the farmer's market and etiquette. However, he would also want to get in heated discussions of ultra-confidence, swag, and diva behavior with Gina.

While he would probably get along well with Jake, Nick might actually spend his time hanging back and eating with Hitchcock and Scully, or admiring Captain Holt's classy masculinity (like his obsession with Jess's older boyfriend Russell in Season 1). Jess and Amy could definitely bond over being smart, nerdy goody two-shoes and Jess will probably try to prove herself as a tough girl and end up making things worse.

We'll have to tune in to Fox on October 11 to see how the unlikely groups come together and the kind of hijinks they get into.


Which characters will get along best?


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