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The Joker and Harley Quinn have become one of — if not the — most popular comic book couple today. In various memes on the Facebook and Twitter, the tag "relationship goals" has been shown with an image of the two of them. Except that the Joker and Harley Quinn's relationship should not be a goal that people aspire to. The Joker was both verbally and physically abusive and if not for her time spent with Poison Ivy after their relationship ended, Harley might have become a completely lost cause.

Just as in life, there are always going to be ups and downs in a relationship. If people are going to look to comics for relationships goals, there are plenty of others that are more realistic — and positive — couples.

Peter and Mary Jane Parker — Love

Next to Superman and Lois Lane, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson might be the most recognized couple in comic books. Their relationship survived everything that the world could throw at them. And even when they weren't together, you always thought that somehow they would find their way back to each other.

When MJ and Peter were separated for a few years, neither of their lives were complete. We'd see Peter swinging and saving people, but he was never really happy. Meanwhile, MJ was in Hollywood being a model and actress and living the life that many would consider amazing. But every night she'd go to sleep unhappy. When Peter and MJ came back to together in New York, neither of their lives improved much on the surface, yet they were happier because they were together.

When Mary Jane came back to New York to live with Peter, she had to have an uncomfortable conversation that she was broke and ran up credit card bills. Rather than yell at MJ, Peter sat her down and told her it was okay and that they would get through it. A few issues later in Amazing Spider-Man Issue 509, MJ got a part in a Boradway play — something she always wanted to do. A little patience and a lot of love goes a long way.

Colossus And Kitty Pryde — Patience

Colossus and Kitty's relationship was almost like a television sitcom. Will they or won't they get together? Will their different personalities be too much for them to co-exist? Will Kitty they overthinking things and just accept what's happening? It all finally happened in Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men run, but it never would have if they rushed into getting physical.

Sure, Kitty and Colossus have dated and kissed throughout their relationship but it didn't feel real until Colossus admitted to Kitty that she wasn't crowding him "nearly enough." It also helps that they didn't have sex immediately. While sex doesn't make a relationship, in some cases — like this one — it helps.

Black Bolt And Madusa — Communication

In every relationship, there is one thing that is absolutely necessary: Communication. But when it comes to communication, there is one couple that does it better than anyone — Black Bolt And Medusa. The funny thing about this is that Black Bolt doesn't actually use his voice to communicate with his wife.

Black Bolt's voice is so powerful that even a whisper can cause massive destruction, so Medusa can't hear her husband speak. Because of this, they have formed a way of communicating that has worked for them for years. Sometimes it's a hand gesture and sometimes it's something as simple as a glance. But despite the fact that Black Bolt can't speak to his wife, this has not stopped them from loving one another or communicating effectively.

In I <3 Marvel: Marvel Ai, Medusa told the story of how much she loves her husband despite the fact that she can't hear his voice. She says that she longs to hear his voice in any capacity, but that no matter what, she will always love him and support him.

Wolverine And Storm — Opposites Attract

People sometimes say that two people from different worlds can't find love with one another. But it was said best in Thor Issue 6 — written by J. Michael Straczynski: "A fish and a bird can love each other. But where would they build their home?" There was a pause until David Blake said: "On the edge of a lake." This perfectly sums up the relationship of Storm and Wolverine.

The two X-Men have almost nothing in common. Logan is about a hundred years older than Storm. Logan is a killer and Storm prefers peace. Logan is a bit of a cowboy and Storm was raised as a thief and then a goddess. Maybe opposites do attract.

When she was married, they still had a connection
When she was married, they still had a connection

Even when the two first joined the X-Men, there was an attraction between them. Logan would only sheath his claws if Storm asked. And even though most of the team looked at Wolverine as a wild animal, Storm always took the extra step to try and get to know the Logan inside the rough exterior.

Before Logan died, he spent his last days loving — and being loved — by Storm. She helped him heal the wounds he had in his past and is probably the biggest reason why Logan could die in piece. Even now, there is a connection between Old Man Logan and Storm. Maybe it's just meant to be.

Most relationships in comics don't last. Cyclops cheated on Jean Grey with Emma Frost. Peter and Mary Jane's marriage was stolen from them. Even Superman and Lois Lane were broken up for a while. And then there is the laundry list of women that were killed just for knowing Wolverine. But they were still healthier than anything that has ever come out of Harley Quinn and Joker's relationship.

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