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You would have to be a pretty unusual character to give Jared Leto your number while he was all dolled up in his Joker garb — I'm looking at you Harley Quinn — but not even that pallid makeup can hide Leto's seemingly ageless beauty.

Inspired by the fact that many fans still can't help but crush on him in Suicide Squad, below is a recap of some of the bemaned beauty's most drool inducing movie moments and, trust me, he has a look for every taste!

1. My So-Called Life (1994-1995)

Age: 22/23

Best Jared Trailer Moment: That majestic slow-mo walk at 0:48.

Leto busted into the acting scene with his baby blues a-blazing in 1994 alongside Claire Danes in My So-Called Life. Leto plays Jordan Catalano, a babealicious totem of '90s perfection with a bad boy image and a penchant for song-writing.

Leto performs poorly at school due to an undiagnosed learning disability and is mocked by his peers, but the lead character, Angela (Claire Danes), sees the beauty that lies beneath and crushes on him relentlessly through a haze of drugs, booze and social pressure.

Praised for its unflinching, gritty gaze into the life of a group of 15-year-olds, My So-Called Life was critically acclaimed and well worth a watch for many elements apart from Leto.

2. Switchback (1997)

Age: 25

Best Jared Trailer Moment: Gun-toting, plaid wearing Jared at 1:27

This 1997 thriller sees Jared playing a young hitchhiker named Lane Dixon who gets caught up with a menacing driver named Bob Goodall (Danny Glover). Unbeknownst to Lane, the driver is a vicious serial killer who has been murdering women up and down the country.

With a great amount of Leto screen-time and a fully fleshed sympathetic character, this is a great flick to dive into for any fan.

3. Fight Club (1999)

Age: 27

Leto's role as Babyface might not be the biggest in this stellar movie, but who could say no to him writhing around with his shirt off in a bare knuckle fight? Maybe pause it before he gets his face smashed in though, not everyone has an appetite for destroying something beautiful.

4. Girl, Interrupted (1999)

Age: 27

Leto might only have a relatively minor role in Girl, Interrupted, but it's an excellent movie starring beloved Winona Ryder of Stranger Things fame along with Angelina Jolie's best performance.

As the beautifully bearded Tobias Jacobs, Leto helps Susanna (Winona Ryder) escape the institution, but it is too much of a stretch for him to go with her.

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5. Sunset Strip (2000)

Age: 28

Best Jared Trailer Moment: Serving disheveled cowboy realness at 1:13

If you've never thought that a slightly grubby country rock cowboy was your kind of dude, this might be the movie to change your mind! Who would have known that a leather hat and waistcoat combo could look so damned fly. Yeehaw!

6. Highway (2002)

Age: 30

Best Jared Clip Moment: All of it

Looking like the youngest 30-year-old in the history of time, Leto plays a self-employed pool cleaner who lands himself in hot water by getting caught banging a crime boss's wife.

With a stellar cast and fun road trip storyline, Highway combines drugs, action and romance into a heady froth of teenage kicks, and Leto owns it.

7. Alexander (2004)

Age: 32

Best Jared Trailer Moment: That dreamy eye contact beginning at 1:56

In this trip back to ancient Greece, Leto plays Alexander the Great's childhood friend and lover, Hephaestion. The combination of a meaty role and flimsy togas makes this a great movie to sit back and enjoy the eye-candy through. It isn't the best movie, what with its unbelievable age differences and multiple Golden Raspberry awards, but Leto holds his own and looks ravishing while doing it.

8. Artifact (2012)

Age: 40

Best Jared Trailer Moment: Pretty much any of the on-stage performances

If you are a fan of Leto's music in his band 30 Seconds to Mars, then this eye-opening, award-winning documentary is a must-see. Documenting the trials and tribulations of creativity and performance, this is an insightful peek into Leto's soul that every fan should take.

What's your favorite Jared Leto movie moment?


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