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Earlier today, the news broke that Warner Brothers had officially given the go-ahead for production on Man of Steel 2. There's no word on when this film will be released, or who the creative team will be, but there is no doubt that it's coming. Zack Snyder brought Man of Steel to life in 2013, but there are some questions among fans as to whether or not he will return for the sequel. His heart is fully into the material, but fans and critics have had more than their fair share of negative things to say regarding his take on the Red Cape. There are plenty of directors out there who could handle the next Superman solo movie, so let's take a look at five of these who could really bring justice to the Man of Steel.

1. George Miller

It's no secret that visionary director George Miller loves Superman. The Mad Max creator has always been mentioned when discussions of a Justice League movie have taken place. Back in 2007, Justice League: Mortal was announced with Miller at the helm, but the film never came to fruition. While he hasn't had the chance to direct the hero team, he is attached to Zack Snyder's Justice League as a producer. Since he's already working with the folks over at DC, it would seem like an easy transition over to the director's chair. The only film George has on his plate at the moment is Mad Max: Wasteland, so adding one more blockbuster wouldn't be out of the question. Aside from time, and connections, Miller has the style necessary to handle this franchise. He's as visually stunning as Zack Snyder, but has proved to be much better at handling story. His latest film, Mad Max: Fury Road was a bright and beautiful masterpiece, and the adoration it brought him could only help the struggling DCEU. If Geoff Johns wants a quick turn-around in the minds of critics, George Miller could be the right man for the job.

2. Geoff Johns

Speaking of Geoff Johns, why not let the head man have a crack at a movie of his own? There's no one on the planet who knows more about the characters of the Justice League, and there is no one who understands the mind of a fan better than Johns. Geoff has spent years writing some of the most exciting stories in DC comics history, and he looks to bring that same bright energy to the DC Extended Universe. While he may be extremely busy running the show for Warner Brothers, he could take some time to really develop the Man of Steel. It's unlikely because of his tight schedule, and inexperience behind the camera, but it would be a choice fans would love to see.

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3. Matthew Vaughn

Has there ever been a director who has handled comic properties better than Matthew Vaughn? The director of Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class, and the Kingsman franchise has received global acclaim for his skill at handling page-to-screen adaptations, and he could slide right in and bring a ton of energy to the Man of Steel. Throughout his films, Vaughn has always done comics justice by truly capturing the essence of his characters, and that skill is one that desperately needs to be applied to the DCEU iteration of Superman. Fans adore Henry Cavill's take on Superman, but the writing and direction has always given him a little more trouble than he can overcome. With Matthew Vaughn in charge of the property, fans could finally get a take on The Man of Steel that's as true to the comics as Christopher Reeve's legendary run.

4. David Yates

The biggest complaint about the DC Extended Universe is its failure to balance the dark tone of its source material with the fun style that movie fans crave. If there's someone who knows how to handle this delicate balance, it's Harry Potter director David Yates. After directing the final four adaptations of JK Rowling's beloved novels, Yates continues his run by handling both Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them films. By utilizing his source material perfectly, David Yates found a way to tell fun and exciting stories while keeping a darker tone. Harry Potter's story was one that truly explored the fight between good vs. evil, and Yates captured that battle tremendously over the course of four films. David Yates's firm handle on tone would benefit a Man of Steel sequel greatly, and his care for source material could only add to his impressive resume.

5. J.J. Abrams

Could there be a more perfect partnership? Personally responsible for the resurrection of both Star Wars and Star Trek, J.J. Abrams is no stranger to making critics and fans fall in love with an enormous franchise. Each property he has touched has turned to gold, and no one has yet to question his methods. He sticks to storylines that resonate with fans, makes phenomenal decisions with the camera, and develops characters that each and every moviegoer can relate to. His work on Lost proves that he knows how to balance a multitude of characters, and that would bode well for the expanding DCEU. The only crinkle in this plan is Abrams's involvement with Disney. It's no secret that Marvel and DC are bitter rivals, and Disney owns both Star Wars and the MCU. Even if an offer were made to J.J. to take charge of Man of Steel, it wouldn't seem out of place for Disney to veto that idea in a heartbeat. Abrams's contract with Disney is unclear at this point, and this also wouldn't be the first time he has taken charge of rival franchises. Star Wars and Star Trek have battled it out for years, yet Abrams found a way for fans to fall back in love with both. If there isn't a contract standing in his way, J.J. Abrams could be the perfect fit for Man of Steel 2.

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