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After 10 well-crafted episodes, Preacher has ended with a literal “bang.” Annville is gone, Jesse has Cassidy and Tulip back, and the scrappy trio is headed out on a mission to find God — and kick his ass. Now while the show’s overarching plot is on the same track as its source material, it took quite a different route to get there than its graphic-novel inspiration. The team behind the show’s first season, including developers Sam Catlin, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, pulled characters from Preacher’s background to construct their own story. This granted a fresh experience to viewers who were already fans of Preacher: The show’s destination remained the same, but the journey was different. Assuming that the show’s second season uses the same formula, I’d like to present the possible plots we could see when Preacher returns.

3. Angelville: Preacher’s Horrifying Past

The childhood of Jesse Custer, as shown by Season 1, is fairly simple. Father becomes preacher, father raises son, father is killed by Quincannon’s men, son becomes preacher. The original story is a bit more complicated. Jesse’s mother and father are several years into their happy marriage when two men come to bring the family “home”. Christina L’Angelle (Jesse’s mother) had run away from her cult-like family shortly before she met John Custer. The family of three is taken back to Angelville (a plantation on the border of Texas and Louisiana) and Marie L’Angelle, matriarch of the family. Jesse endures horrifying conditions before escaping via the ministry. Years later, while searching for God, Tulip and Jesse are captured by his grandmother’s lackeys. As the leader of the family, Marie wants Jesse back under her torturous hand. This arc would be a way for Preacher to push its boundaries, keep a smaller cast, and tackle some serious character development.

2. Salvation: Sherriff Custer

At one point during their literal search for God, a conflict occurs wherein Cassidy and Tulip believe Jesse to be dead. It turns out that Jesse survived, and after weeks of recovery and searching he finally finds them — and sees that they’ve begun a relationship. Heartbroken, he goes on the run and finds himself with a sheriff’s job in Salvation, Texas. Since this story is where the original introduction of Odin Quincannon occurs, the showrunners would have to come up with an antagonist. Thankfully, the “Sheriff of Salvation” arc is full of characters, including one-armed bartender Jodie, marksman detective Cindy Daggett, and a group of misfit townspeople. Rework a memorable struggle with the KKK, and Salvation could be the setting for a full season of Sheriff Custer.

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1. The Grail: Big Bad Of The Ancient (And Present) World

Preacher has no shortage of antagonists. We’ve already gotten a taste of the Saint of Killers and the ruthless Odin Quincannon, but even they can’t quite stack up to The Grail: A society devoted to the bloodline of Christ and the Second Coming. Their grand plan involves implementing a direct descendant of Jesus Christ. After creating chaos worldwide, The Grail wants to take control by placing their own piece in the game: Someone who can control millions with their voice alone. Herr Starr, the Sacred Executioner of The Grail, doesn’t believe that their pawn can pull off the job. He wants a player with both presence and power, and once he learns of the existence of Jesse Custer and his extraordinary power, he begins to construct his own plan. From that moment, Jesse’s adventures are peppered with interference as Starr tries to seize Genesis and its mouthpiece. Even if Season 2 doesn’t directly involve The Grail, it’s never too early to have them enter the game. After all, The Grail is everywhere.

Where do you think Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy will go next? When do you think we’ll see The Grail show up? Let us know, and thanks for reading!


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