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Cinematic Universes are quite the thing now. Thanks to Marvel and their expansive universe we have the DC Extended Universe, the Godzilla/King Kong Cinematic universe, and we have the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe a.k.a. the UMCU, which began with the epic telling of Count Dracula's origin in 2014's Dracula Untold starring Luke Evans as the titular character.

Next year on June 9th, the UMCU gets its next installment with The Mummy reboot starring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella as the monster in the movie alongside Russell Crowe added as Dr. Henry Jekyll from the famous Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story. After this movie there are plenty of movies planned for this universe: the untitled Wolf Man in 2018 with Dwayne Johnson rumored to star, an untitled Van Helsing movie, untitled Bride of Frankenstein movie starring Angelina Jolie and Javier Bardem (rumored for the role of Frankenstein's first monster), an untitled Creature From the Black Lagoon reboot with the leading role offered to Scarlett Johansson, an Invisible Man reboot starring Johnny Depp, a rumored Frankenstein's Monster movie starring the aforementioned Javier Bardem, and finally an unknown film set for February of 2019.

Now, Universal seems to be taking an approach that is similar to both the Marvel and DC Universes by giving these characters solo films while also giving characters a start in other movies like Jekyll being introduced in the Mummy film and Luke Evans rumored to make an appearance in said film.

However this wouldn't be the first time Universal Monsters have appeared together in the same movie. In 1949 we had Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man — probably the first case of movies crossing over in history. It was — and still is — a fun movie just to see these two iconic monsters fight and that's probably something that we'll get in the future, but Universal said they wanted to create a shared universe with ALL of these monsters, which brings me to the big question here: What is this leading up to?

Is this universe building up to a Suicide Squad styled team-up or will it be an all-out brawl between these monsters along the lines of Godzilla VS King Kong? Either way, it has me hyped. Personally I would love to see these monsters team up to fight a greater evil with all their epic powers and an all-star cast that we could come to love as much as the Avengers or the Suicide Squad. Now what kind of villain would need ALL these monsters to team up? As shown in Dracula Untold, Vlad himself is an already extremely powerful character and if Sofia Boutella's Mummy has powers anything like the powerful Imhotep from the 1999 film then we better get a villain along the lines of Darkseid for this team.

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How is this NOT Nosferatu?!?
How is this NOT Nosferatu?!?

Dracula Untold did set up a villain with Charles Dance as the Master Vampire (a.k.a. Nosferatu going off his look) at the end where we see him stalking Vlad in modern day as he meets Mina Harker. Could this be our villain? Hmm, it is possible, but he did say that there was a demon before him whom he wanted to enact vengeance upon, so perhaps Dance's character is the "Amanda Waller" who assembles the monsters to face off against this demon and Van Helsing is the "Rick Flag" who has to keep these monsters in line. A theory that I have heard in the past is that Van Helsing is the character that brings them all together and Vlad is the one leads them, which is also believable.

Now would I be excited if it turns out to be the all-out brawl between these monsters? Yes! However I'd find myself questioning what kind of fight would pit characters like Invisible Man and Bride of Frankenstein against characters like Vlad and the Mummy. Still the idea of them fighting is SWEET!

So what do you all think Universal's master plan is? Suicide Squad-style team-up, or Godzilla VS King Kong style, or something else entirely? Let me know in the comments down below and I hope you enjoyed this little article of mine.

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