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Mila Kunis is pretty much the living embodiment of the internet meme "get yourself a girl who can do both" and, naturally, her sexy movie moments reflect this wonderful quality.

From the interview that made us all want her to be our girlfriend to the sizzling sapphic encounter in Black Swan, below are just a few of the moments where Kunis wowed us on screen.

1. Sapphic Swan

Movie: Black Swan

Probably one of the most sizzling sex scenes of all time, this hallucinatory fantasy is strikingly realistic and smoking hot. There's no need for cheesy porno music or over choreographed undressing here, and the way this moment of sapphic love unexpectedly leaps out of Nina's (Natalie Portman) unravelling psyche is the best sort of shock.

2. Finger Fuckin' Good

Movie: After Sex

Black Swan isn't Kunis's only same sex love scene and the Ukrainian-born beauty has also hooked up with Zoe Saldana in Eric Amadio's After Sex. Kunis plays Nikki, a girl who is in a sexual relationship with her college roommate, but insists she isn't a lesbian. Obviously, her actions suggest otherwise.

3. That Time She Revealed She's Everyone's Dream Woman

Movie: N/A

When a hapless BBC journalist was thrown into an interview with Mila Kunis with a mere 10 minutes' notice, we realized that she is perfect in every possible way.

4. Friends With Benefits... For All Of Us

Movie: Friends With Benefits

Tired of doing all the romance shit that comes with a relationship, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake decide to skip straight to the boning and cut the hearts and flowers.

This photogenic pair's on-screen chemistry works perfectly in both the sizzling sex scenes and the comic moments and, obviously, they both look hot while doing it.

5. Max Babe

Movie: Max Payne

Sure, Max Payne pissed a lot of people off by scrambling the classic video game story, but Mila Kunis as the Russian assassin seeking vengeance is definitely a high point.

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6. Sarah Marshall Who?

Movie: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Personally, if I had a girlfriend like Mila Kunis I would have forgotten Sarah Marshall quicker than a cheetah on a superbike, but each to their own.

7. Ted

Movie: Ted

Not even a foul-mouthed CGI teddy bear having a foursome with a gaggle of hookers can outshine Mila Kunis's dazzling light as John Bennett's (Mark Wahlberg) gorgeous girlfriend, Lori, in this movie.

8. Boot Camp

Movie: Boot Camp

Mila Kunis leads a badass rebellion in this 2008 psychological suspense thriller and watching her in action as she kicks serious corrupt butt is pure poetry in motion.

9. Pretty In Pink

Movie: Get Over It

Yes, that is Sisqó.

10. Burlesque

Movie: That '70s Show

Things get a little saucy in one of the many That '70s Show premonitions that seemed to predict Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's totes partnership.

What's your favorite hot Mila Kunis moment?


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