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*Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones, Season 6*

Ahh, marketing material. You know what they say: It's all fun and games until someone loses their job for accidentally leaking top secret information. Okay, admittedly it's not what "they" say, and knowing HBO, if true it would've been deliberate, but, BUT, a popular Game of Thrones theory may've been revealed by a promotional website.

To keep the wildfire flames smouldering in the long months until the show returns with Season 7, HBO's creative gurus have produced, a mock election website that gives fans of the show an option to exercise democracy over death and vote for who should rule the Seven Kingdoms.

Who Should Be Sat On The Iron Throne?

With events reaching boiling point at the end of Season 6, we're now to only a few contenders who really have a genuine chance of competing for the Iron Throne: Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Cesei Lannister and Petyr Baelish. Although the first three aren't surprising, the last name on the list, Littlefinger, has caused a few raised eyebrows, as pointed out by

Littlefinger is certainly not someone to underestimate, that's for sure, but for him to stand any chance of the Throne, he's going to need support. That leads us on to eyebrow raiser number two. On the website, each of the candidates have a supporter; Tyrion (supporting Dany), Lyanna Mormont (Jon Snow) and Qyburn (Cersei). And guess who is supporting Littlefinger? None other than Sansa Stark.

Baelish with Sansa?! (Credit: HBO)
Baelish with Sansa?! (Credit: HBO)

Hold the damn door! Isn't Sansa loyal to Jon Snow? Shouldn't she be listed under his name? Well, HBO have earned themselves somewhat of a reputation for being meticulously cunning when it comes to dropping hints, so this can't be a pure coincidence, surely?

Does This Prove Sansa Will Betray Jon Snow?

Sansa Stark and Jon Snow (Credit: HBO)
Sansa Stark and Jon Snow (Credit: HBO)

The intrigue levels are elevated to maximum when you consider recent events. In the lead up to the finale, Sansa was in contact with Baelish, going behind Jon's back to call for reinforcements from the Knights of the Vale during the epic Battle of the Bastards. It was a shrewd move, of that there is no doubt. But it also highlighted Sansa's altered psyche, having now become a hardened and canny strategist.

Littlefinger made no attempt to hide his feelings for Sansa, asking her to stab Jon in the back (makes a change from the front, ey?) and join him at his side for his quest for the ultimate power. In "The Winds of Winter", he tells her:

"Every time I'm faced with a decision I close my eyes and see the same picture. A picture of me, on the Iron Throne... and you by my side."

Sansa declined, but at the unveiling of Jon as the new King of the North, they exchanged that intense look, providing plenty of ammunition for the rumor mill. One popular theory suggests that Sansa will betray Jon and side with Baelish, with clues spotted by eagle eyed viewers suggesting the pair's union has already been foreshadowed.

All things considered, Sansa's name being shown in support of Baelish through official marketing is significant. Why isn't she placed with Jon Snow? Or why isn't she listed, with support from Littlefinger? Are we just looking for spoilers, or is this a nod from those in the know? Do you like questions?

Regardless of whether intentional or not, with someone as deceitful as Littlefinger involved, events will not unfolded smoothly. Perhaps part of his plan is to double cross Sansa, or maybe Sansa will stay true to her word and stick by Jon's side.

Two More Theories That May Have Been Confirmed

Will Jaime betray Cersei? (Credit: HBO)
Will Jaime betray Cersei? (Credit: HBO)

Before you leave, now we're down the Game of Thrones speculation rabbit hole, there are two more interesting things we can glean from the website. Firstly, Jaime's lack of support for Cersei sticks out like a golden thumb, potentially pointing at his impending betrayal. And, secondly, could the entire layout of the site give weight to this theory that democracy could reach Westeros by the end of the show?

The current voting results are as follows: Daenerys (32%), Jon Snow (31%), Cersei Lannister (1%), Petyr Baelish (36%).


Who would you vote for?

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