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Another season, another spate of arguments about whether Supergirl needs Superman. There's a lot to love about Supergirl — it's optimistic, fun even though it deals with heavy themes of survivor's guilt, and undeniably full of heart. Of course it has its weaknesses too, though probably not as many as some naysayers would have you believe.

Supergirl's greatest strength is its protagonist, the indomitable and lovable Kara Danvers, who's trying desperately to step out of the shadow cast by her iconic cousin. And now, that shadow is looming over Season 2.

Yes, Superman is coming to Supergirl and although some have reservations that The CW is bringing in the big guns after the show's mixed critical reception, Superman's entrance is really all about Kara.

Not Just A Cape And Boots

After 20 episodes of tip-toeing around the Big Blue Boy Scout — and in the finale, reducing the hero to an unconscious body — it really felt like the writers were desperately finding excuses not to include Superman in the show.

In any other story, the entrance of Kara's cousin would be essential to show how far she's come, to challenge her all the more, not to mention to give us a closer look at the affectionate relationship between them — don't tell me you didn't tear up during those poignant IM chats in Season 1.

Personally, I can't wait to see these two characters interact onscreen, especially now that Tyler Hoechlin is playing Clark — if his time on Teen Wolf proved nothing else, it's that he's fantastic in a big brother/mentor type role.

The comics only provide more evidence that Supergirl and Superman work well together. These two characters have one of DC's most interesting, and loving, relationships, which is only compounded by the fact that as survivors of Krypton, Clark is the only family Kara has left. Then of course there's Kara's mission to protect him — repeated at the beginning of each episode of the show, it's clear that Kara still feels protective towards her once-younger-now-older cousin, and it'll be nice to see that developed.

Back To Basics: A Brighter Superman

The best thing about Superman's entrance into Supergirl Season 2 is definitely his relationship with Kara, and it's good to know that he won't overshadow his cousin — Clark will only be appearing in the two-episode season premiere.

The heroic cousins, united at last. [The CW]
The heroic cousins, united at last. [The CW]

Although, with multiple crossovers planned between the other DC shows, you can be sure Superman will make plenty of cameo appearances later on, even if none have been announced yet. After all, the showrunners won't want to waste that awesome Superman tease in Legends of Tomorrow Season 1.

But there's one thing about Superman's DCTV entrance that is really making fans excited: Supergirl's Superman will be upbeat, optimistic, and compassionate, with a teasing sense of humor, if James Olsen's tales about him in Season 1 turn out to be true. This will make Hoechlin's Superman an interesting counterbalance to the brooding and heavy-hearted Superman of the DC movies — and for fans who prefer the lighter side of Superman, the prospect of seeing a more classic version of the character in Supergirl is very exciting.

'All-Star Superman' continues to be one of the best portrayals of the Man of Steel [DC]
'All-Star Superman' continues to be one of the best portrayals of the Man of Steel [DC]

Of course it's not all about Superman, and ultimately this debate over whether his entrance is bad for the show is somewhat redundant. Supergirl has proved herself to be a fantastic hero in her own right, and the strength of her character could withstand Superman's introduction to the show — even if some viewers admittedly care more about this supporting character than the protagonist.

All in all, Superman's entrance is probably a really good thing for Supergirl, as long as he doesn't overshadow his cousin within the story. The best thing about this is that Superman isn't the star — he's being brought in just to bolster Kara's character, and that's really neat. There's the potential here for some really interesting development for Kara, and after a season of build-up, it'll be great to see this universe's version of DC's biggest hero.

Are you excited to see Superman in Supergirl Season 2?

Just let them hug, that's all I ask. [DC]
Just let them hug, that's all I ask. [DC]

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