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I have loved comics ever since Ultimate Spider-Man debuted in 2001! Basically, this is an article for people who are looking to start reading, but are overwhelmed by the vast number of comics available to the consumer (Especially at Marvel). We're constantly bombarded by all things comic; and wouldn't it be nice to know where to start?

So, I checked the internet and found out that there are not many sites dedicated helping out the new fan. Or, you could just love comics, and you just want to argue with my choices -- or chime in about your own (I'm sure people would love to hear all the different opinions).

Batman (2011)/DC Comics
Batman (2011)/DC Comics

Furthermore, don't think you have to love Marvel or DC -- there are so many different comic companies to strike your fancy. As of now, I look to Image Comics as the HBO of the comic industry. Lastly, this list is more about variety than making a top ten list. Enjoy!



Mighty Thor (2016)/Marvel Comics
Mighty Thor (2016)/Marvel Comics

This is the continuation of a cancer-ridden Jane Foster as Thor. Jason Aaron is creating an epic storyline that has been dubbed 'Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings'! Also, Loki is phenomenal in this, and I can't wait to see how this story will come to fruition! Russell Dauterman's art kind of reminds me of Greg Capullo's artwork in Batman (You should read Snyder's Batman as well). There are only nine issues into this saga, so you still have plenty of time to catch up!

Lastly, if you're not into the 'War of the Realms', then there's some pretty crazy stuff going down on Midgard (Earth). A lot of evil-doers are having a secret meeting (like they do) to talk about Dario Agger (Head of Roxxon); he's been drilling on planets for materials that Malekith the Accursed has conquered. So, we're about to see another huge battle, to go along with the epic storyline that's going on in the other realms. This is easily a top three book going on at Marvel right now!


Ms. Marvel/Marvel Comics
Ms. Marvel/Marvel Comics

If 'Star Wars vs. Lords of the Rings' doesn't appeal to the nerd in you, then what about a nice coming-of-age comic about a young Pakistani-American? Kamala Khan is an Inhuman, who is trying to good in a world, well, filled with costumed superheroes. Think Mister Fantastic, but way funnier and you have this kick-ass hero. Marvel is currently in the midst of a Civil War, and her hero is Captain Marvel. I can't wait to find out why she's currently on Iron Man's side (I know, but I'm not going to spoil anything, it's too good!)

Y'see, Captain Marvel has put her in charge hunting down people who Ulysses (He's the cause of Civil War II -- an Inhuman who can predict the future.) think will commit a crime not worthy for The Ultimates, but still needs to be stopped. She commands a squad of people -- think the Stanford Experiment -- where they take people to a secret location unlawfully. They hold them until they're no longer a threat, and Ms. Marvel is starting to have doubts whether or not this is on the up-and-up. Her best friend, Bruno, is rightfully pissed-off about the situation, and he finds himself in a dire situation.

I wrote an article stating that I don't trust Ulysses, and if you've been following Civil War, then you know I was onto something. I wanted to like Civil War II, but it's not nearly as interesting as most of the standalone comics. That's the main reason why its not on this list.


Doctor Strange/Marvel Comics
Doctor Strange/Marvel Comics

Jason Aaron's Stephen Strange throws out every pre-conceived notion about the Sorcerer Supreme, and he's making it one of the most fun comics to read! Two things: Have you ever wondered what Doctor Strange eats for breakfast -- and would he make out with some sorta weird demon that is currently occupying a young boy's body?

Doctor Strange is worn out, and he keeps forgetting there's a price to pay for magic. So, a lot of weird(er) things starts happening that are completely out of the norm for Stephen. He then goes to a magic meeting, set in a magical bar, where he discusses what could possibly go wrong. Things get extremely apocalyptic, and one must wonder if Doctor Strange has what it takes to save magic?


Spider-Man/Marvel Comics
Spider-Man/Marvel Comics

It'd be jarring to start reading Peter Parker's adventures right now -- there's no way to follow unless you've read every issue for the last couple of years. Miles Morales' story is the one you're looking for if you love Spider-Man. The biggest difference: Miles has both his mom and dad! During Secret Wars, he gave Molecule Man a very old sandwich, and he brought his mother back! I could go on, but if you're looking for a Spider-Man story, then this is it!

This series starts off with one of the most controversial stories in all of comics this year when Miles' costume rips and exposes his skin color. A young You Tuber comments (She thinks it's awesome that there's a black Spider-Man, and she wants to date him as well!) about his skin color, and Miles wishes he could just be judged by his actions; and that his skin color needn't play a part in his heroics.

Furthermore, a lot of Peter's villains absolutely hate anyone wearing a Spider-Man costume. This leads to a lot unnecessary hatred towards Miles, but it makes for a great read.

Also, he might have two of the best friendships in all of Marvel - Kamala Khan and Ganke Lee - who both know about his secret identity. Kamala is his fellow Avenger, and Ganke is his best friend. Ganke betrayed Miles' trust when he told Goldballs (a former X-Men) Miles' big secret.

On top of that, Miles is slacking off in school, and his mom brings in his grandma -- she thinks he's on drugs. So, she does what any rational person would do and hires a very special investigator. I don't know how you can't be hooked yet?


Tom King delivers the Breaking Bad for comics. This series has rarely anything to do with superheroes, and it makes the story so much better for it. Vision builds himself a family, and moves to suburbs of Virginia. His wife's name is Virginia, and he has two kids named Viv and Vin! This is easily the best series at either of the big two.

Almost everyone is scared of the new toasters in town (sorry robots), and Tom King writes in a way that you can see each of family members progress in their story. It's wonderful to see them fall in love with each other. Virginia's brain patterns are from Scarlet Witch -- and their kids are an amalgamation of the two parents.

Vision forces his kids to go to school, and that leads to one of the most heartbreaking scenes I've ever read in comics. Furthermore, when the family is attacked at their home, and Vision is nowhere to be found -- this leads to everything snowballing; due to the mother's actions. It's not necessarily what she did, but what she did afterwards. King does an excellent job explaining why people do extremely dumb s*it when you love someone. Also, Vision creates a dog, and it's quite frankly awesome. Lastly, this series only has two issues left, before its finished -- that makes this series so bittersweet.

DC -

BATMAN (2016)

Batman/DC Comics
Batman/DC Comics

Tom King is one of the best writers in all comics, with titles like: The Omega Men, Vision, and The Sheriff of Babylon. He had the monumental task of following one of the best Batman writers ever, and he's doing a solid job with Rebirth. I would have more DC titles on this list, but with Rebirth, I'm not entirely sure what we're getting next. Basically, if you love Batman, then you'll love this comic.

Basically, two people with superpowers make their way to Gotham; they're called Gotham and Gotham Girl. And they do what any aspiring superhero would do -- they ask Batman to train them! This series will keep you at the edge of your seat wondering about their hidden agendas, and plus -- the Bat-mobile from Batman: TAS is currently being utilized as his main source of transportation. Also, there's a larger conspiracy going with one Hugo Strange, and one cannot wait to see all the monstrosities in this comic!


Harley Quinn/DC Comics
Harley Quinn/DC Comics

Basically, if you want something super-silly then this is your comic. There are great character moments sprinkled throughout, but if you just want to read something that'll make you smile: well, this is it! DC just released the second issue of this comic in their Rebirth line of comics. Let's see, if you like a parody of Deadpool, named Red Tool, who's not as bad as you might think, then this is your comic! If you want to see how Harley would react to bunch of zombies; then this is your comic! Lastly, if you think Harley deserves someone way better than The Joker (like Ivy); then this is your comic!



The critics refer to this as 'Game of Thrones meet Star Wars' -- and it's one of the most epic comics you will find out in today's market. Two people (aliens), from warring civilizations quit their military, fall in love, and have a baby. So, they're on the run with an infant, and this story takes you all over the cosmos! Fiona Staples artwork is dazzling, and the story is addictive. This really might be the best comic out today.

The story starts off with Alanna giving birth to Hazel, and if you're not sold with the very first page, then sadly, I don't think comics are for you. They're deserters, so, there are all these freelancers (hit men) after them; because it would be detrimental to the war effort to find out that these two people had a baby, all because of stupid romance novel. Y'see, this could show how stupid the war they're currently fighting actually is -- because if two people can get past their differences, why can't more people? I'm having a tough time explaining this comic, because I don't want to ruin anything for you!

Furthermore, have you ever wondered what two robots having sex would look like (I have)? Well, then this is definitely the comic for you! Warning: This comic has very graphic scenes of everything imaginable, like, really, really graphic -- enjoy!


The Wicked + The Divine/Image Comics
The Wicked + The Divine/Image Comics

Every 90 years the gods come down and live among us for two years -- then they die, because they're pop stars, or probably something a tad more complicated
(it is)! So, who wouldn't want to see a comic in which Taylor Swift's squad was deities? Do I really need to say more? Yes.

Imagine going to your favorite rock star's concert, and being absolutely hypnotized -- and then find out they're literally gods! The story starts off with Laura (a young teenage girl) going to a concert -- where she meets Luci (yep, Lucifer), and Luci is not really attracted to her because she's over the age of consent.

Luci takes her backstage to meet the gods, and they all have their unique personalities. They all contain unique powers according to what god they are. Then some men start shooting up the place, and Luci blows their f*cking brains out! And then Luci must stand before the judge, with most of the gods there. Something bad happens (of course), and Laura comes to the rescue. Y'see, if a mortal can kill a god, then they take over that god's power -- or, that is what everyone thinks. I haven't read every issue that's out; primarily because it's a really intense book, and something completely different from anything else out!


Okay, this series might start off a tad slow, but there's amazing action in the beginning of issue one! The only people that matter, are the sixteen families that basically run the world -- each family have a Lazarus (bodyguard for the family)! The comic starts out with Family Carlyle -- their Lazarus is named, Forever or Eve -- she's supposedly part of the family. Everyone that the family deemed unworthy -- well, they're called the Waste.

Forever is suped-up by the doctor, and is basically immortal. At first, she starts out as the strong, silent type, but as the series progresses she becomes an intriguing character. I would compare her to Ned Stark; because she seems like the only honorable one in this world. I'm currently addicted to this comic, and I'm taking my time reading it. It's a complex world, that might take a couple of reads to fully grasp what's going on.

Furthermore, she must obey commands of her father, and is not programmed for anything else. Her family is a piece of s*it, and I had to hold back tears when I read her training sessions. She's easily one of the best heroes in all of comics.


Black Panther/Marvel Comics
Black Panther/Marvel Comics

Honestly, I feel that I left out too many comics. There are so many wonderful comics out in the market, and the only way to tell you what's really great is doing a company-by-company list of their greatest comics. I tried not to spoil anything, but give you enough information to hopefully make you want head to your local comic book shop!

So, these are some of the very best comics to whet your appetite, and each week I'll dive into the best comics at each publishing house. Also, I will highlight the comic of the week to hopefully pique your interest! Lastly, if there's a comic I left out (there are), feel free to explain in the comments section! Enjoy!


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