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Suicide Squad has officially hit theaters. The new film from Warner Bros. and DC Comics showcases the universe's most notorious rogues, such as Deadshot and Harley Quinn. Also featured in the blockbuster is none other than the notorious arch nemesis: The Joker. In Suicide Squad, Joker is determined to get Harley back by any means necessary. While it was interesting to see Jared Leto's take on the Clown Prince of Crime, the fact remains that Joker did not have a big role in Suicide Squad.

While this may seem disconcerting it made sense given that the film was about Task Force X. Not only was Joker's minimal screen time understandable, it managed to do its job by giving moviegoers a taste of the new Clown Prince of Crime. As it looks right now, it is possible that the studio and filmmakers could use Joker for future films. The possibilities of Joker playing a vital role in the DCEU seems all but endless, as he could just as easily be the main antagonist in the next Batman film. However, if there is one direction I am eager to see for the Joker, it would be him sharing a scene with another iconic villain.

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With DC continuing to expand on their cinematic universe it may be possible for the Joker with the likes of Lex Luthor. The two villains have played a major part in movie history for years, but they have never met on the silver screen. Now, with DC films being connected, it is possible to have these two villains meeting up. Actually this idea was made apparent in Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Justice (The Ultimate Edition). At the end of the film, to make sure he cannot cause anymore problems, Batman transfers Luthor to Arkham Asylum. With Luthor being a resident in the famed asylum, it is possible for Lex to come face to face with the Clown Prince of Clown.

What could happen if these two villains were to come face to face? A cinematic meeting between Joker and Lex Luthor could play out in a number of ways. It is possible for the two villains to be paired for a future film — perhaps in another Batman/Superman movie or even a sequel to Suicide Squad. Then again, it could just be as likely for both Joker and Lex to have a scene together in future film from DC Comics. Whatever happens, it can only work to the advantage of the DC Extended Universe by seeing the dynamic possibilities between these two rogues.

Keep in mind all of this is speculation. There is nothing that suggest that Lex Luthor will be meeting with the Joker anytime soon. Yet, seeing these two villains meet up is quite possible given the foundation that has been established in the DC Extended Universe. A meeting between The Joker and Lex Luthor is long over due on the silver screen, and if the studios wishes for these two share the same screen, then now may be the best time to do it. Whether it is an entire film or just one scene, having Joker and Lex Luthor together on the big screen could make for a cinematic moment for both movie history as well as the DC Extended Universe.

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