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Director Michael Bay's hard at work on Transformers: The Last Knight, the fifth installment in his mega-blockbuster Transformers franchise. Of course, the movie's been met with plenty of fanticipation, with the director and his stars stoking the flames by revealing new forms for the heroic Autobots and villainous Decepticons. We've already seen peeks at designs for Optimus Prime, Megatron and Hot Rod among others, and now we have our first look at the Autobot medic Hound.

Bay took to Twitter to reveal the character's burly look, with a complete rundown on his size, personality and character history. And we must admit that we're happy to see that "the lethal ballerina" is returning for the next adventure.

Hound first appeared in 2014's Transformers: Age of Extinction as a battle-ready soldier voiced by John Goodman. And this time around, he'll also be taking on the role of combat medic. There's no word yet on whether Goodman will return for the fifth film, though we have no doubt fans would be happy to see the veteran actor come back.

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The Autobot's design is pretty similar to that from Age of Extinction, though fans will notice he's rocking some red crosses to symbolize his role as the team's healer. And we're also happy to see that he's retained the more humanoid look we saw in the last film. Hound's bushy beard and stout frame give him a more distinct appearance than some of the other robots in the series, which has been criticized at times for featuring similar designs for different robots that make it difficult to distinguish between the characters.

Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters on June 23, 2017. What do you think of Hound's redesign? Let us know in the comments below.

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