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Suicide Squad is the latest film in the DCEU. While it's met with a lot of criticism (some of it well-deserved), it has been breaking box office records. A sequel seems inevitable.

Recently, rumors have sprung up online about a few potential characters who might appear in a potential sequel to the film. The roles these characters would play is, as of now, unknown...assuming that they even will appear.

Rumors should be taken with a grain of salt...but it's hard not to get a little hyped when you hear that Warner Bros is considering to add to Suicide Squad 2's cast...

5. Bronze Tiger

Who is He: You may be familiar with Bronze Tiger after his appearances in Arrow. Bronze Tiger has had a long history in the DC Universe, first as an assassin (who notably was sent to murder Pre-Crisis Batwoman) before joining the Suicide Squad. He confronted his own inner demons, and, ultimately, became a force for good as a mainstay of the Suicide Squad.

Why He'd Be Great: Bronze Tiger is another fairly obscure supervillain the mainstream public might be less familiar with. Aside from his fairly impressive costume (HE WEARS A TIGER HEAD!), he's also an incredibly skilled assassin that can go toe-to-toe with Batman. It would be awesome to see him go up against the Dark Knight...or, better yet, a villain more competent than Enchantress.

4. Poison Ivy

Who is She: Poison Ivy is one of Batman's most noteworthy foes. She's a man-hating, ecoterrorist who would love nothing more than to bring about a new era of vegetary-domination. She's also best friends with a certain Harley Quinn, often serving as her only refuge when she needs to get away from the Joker.

Why She'd Be Great: Let's ignore Poison Ivy's incredible powers and how awesome it would be to see her plants wreaking havoc onscreen. Ivy and Harley's relationship is both touching and genuine. Seeing as how Margot Robbie's performance as Harley Quinn is perhaps the most unanimously loved element of Suicide Squad, this would offer Harley more to do, and help develop her emotional side...not to mention, potentially offer the first openly bisexual ladies in a superhero movie.

3. Killer Frost

Who is She: Killer Frost is the name of several different individuals with the same power-set: ice powers. Killer Frost has been an anti-hero, straight up villain, or reluctant baddy from time to time. Audiences mostly know her now from The Flash series.

Why She'd Be Great: Aside from the obvious fact that we need more badass ladies in these superhero films, Killer Frost is a versatile character. Depending on how they utilize her character, she can either be an incredibly sympathetic character forced into villainy (like El Diablo) or a gloriously fabulous ice queen. That, and her powers can be incredible on-screen...

2. Deathstroke the Terminator

Who is He: Slade Wilson is the world's greatest assassin. He's a mercenary who will take on any job if the pay is good. Though he has no real super powers, he's a skilled enough fighter to take on both the Teen Titans and the Justice League on his own.

Why He'd Be Great: I don't think Deathstroke will be a member of the Suicide Squad. One of the biggest issues with Suicide Squad is that the villain, Enchantress, was underwhelming. It hardly matters who the main antagonist of the next Suicide Squad film is...if he or she has hired Deathstroke as the muscle. Deathstroke would make an awesome, incredible threat who can stand toe-to-toe with the whole squad. A real Terminator-esque threat that cannot be stopped.

1. Catwoman

Who is She: She's one of the most iconic Batman villains ever. She's appeared in every Batman continuity. Does Selina Kyle need an introduction?

Why She'd Be Great: I don't think Catwoman would be a member of the Suicide Squad, either. If the Squad are sent on an espionage mission, she'd be a perfect wild card to throw into the mix...kind of like how the Joker SHOULD HAVE BEEN in the actual movie. To complicate the plot. To add new components to spice up the narrative. Something exciting.

Plus, she can form the Gotham Sirens with Harley and Ivy...


Which character would you be most interested in seeing in a future Suicide Squad film?


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