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Jumping back to the year 2010, we find ourselves in a world where the zombie apocalypse is all but a terrifying revelation and harrowing adjustment to everyday lives. It's also where we find the Clark/Manawa/Salazar gang who are currently finding refuge in Mexico after life on the Abigail didn't quite work out the way they wanted it too.

Saying this, life in Mexico doesn't seem to be working out either. As of the Season 2 mid-season finale, the estate is burning and the group is scattered. Let's have a look at where we last saw each Fear the Walking Dead character and recap their current statuses before it's return on August 21:

Madison Clark

After Strand put Thomas down, he and the rest of the group were told to leave the estate by Thomas's Mother Celia. Madison obliged and informed her kids that they would be fleeing back to the Abigail boat. Madison was met with reluctance from both Nick and Alicia and sought advice from Strand, who agreed to leave with her and the others on the Abigail.

In spite of the impending threats, Madison refused to leave without Travis and asked Celia to let them stay. In an attempt to understand Celia and Nick's opinion of the dead, Madison went down to the cellar with Celia and saw all the Infected. Madison closed the gate and watched on as Celia was taken by the Infected.

As the estate started to burn down, Madison prepared to flee with Alicia, Ofelia and Strand. She came across Nick who informed Madison that he couldn't find Travis and asked where Celia was. Learning of Celia's fate, Nick refused to join Madison, forcing her to leave him behind as they drove away from the burning estate.

Travis Manawa

While the other group members remained at the estate, Travis pursued his son Chris who had gone off the deep end. As time went on, Travis learned of Chris's behavior and threats to others. He managed to catch Chris by physical force and see how broken his son really was.

When Nick found Travis, Travis told him that he couldn't come back with him because Chris needed him and he couldn't be around other people. Travis told Nick to lie to Madison and tell her that he didn't find him.

Both Travis and Chris watched on as they noticed the estate being consumed by fire in the distance.

Nick Clark

When Nick learned that the group was being forced to flee, Nick was sympathetic towards Celia and her moral outlook, especially in regard to the Infected. Unwilling to return to the Abigail, Nick proceeded to take Celia up on her offer to stay with her at the estate and convinced her to let his family stay, but only if Strand left.

Obliging to Madison's wishes, Nick left to find Travis. When he did, Travis told Nick that he wasn't going to be going back with him. Nick left Travis with a weapon for protection and proceeded to head back to the estate.

On his return, Nick saw the estate burning to the ground and rushed to find the others. He came across Madison, Alicia, Ofelia and Strand. After he learned of Celia's fate, Nick refused to join his family and instead ventured out into the hoard of Infected.

Alicia Clark

Like her brother Nick, Alicia did not want to leave the estate and head back to the Abigail. She also refused to join Travis find Chris after his possible attack on her the previous night.

As the estate burned, Alicia comforted Ofelia who did not know the fate of her father, Daniel. She fled with Madison, Ofelia and Strand when she learned that both Nick and Daniel were lost causes.

Victor Strand

Going against Celia's wishes, Strand took down an Infected Thomas and was met with fury and banishment from Celia. Later, Strand prepared to dig a grave for Thomas but was told by Daniel that he shouldn't bury him on unholy ground. Strand noticed Daniel's odd behavior and asked him if anything was wrong, of which Daniel did not reply.

When Madison approached Strand in regard to Nick, he told Madison that Celia took advantage of Nick's vulnerable state as an addict. He then agreed to leave with Madison and the others on the Abigail.

In spite of his conversation with Madison, Strand prepared to leave the estate and said his goodbyes to some members of the group. When Strand saw the estate burn down, he snuck back in and took one of the trucks.

Strand, along with Madison, Alicia and Ofelia, fled the estate in the truck and watched on as Nick walked into the heard of Infected.

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Ofelia Salazar

After waking from the noise of Strand's gunshot, Ofelia found her father, Daniel. who seemed to be in a distressed state thanks to a nightmare. In spite of fussing from Daniel, Ofelia told him that she was worried about him.

Ofelia watched on as Daniel was taken away after attacking one of the workers at the estate. Ofelia told Celia that she wanted to see her father, but Celia said that she couldn't because he was too dangerous.

Ofelia was comforted and restrained by Alicia when she watched the estate burn down with Daniel inside it. Devastated, Alicia informed Ofelia that he was gone and that they had to leave in the truck with Madison and Strand.

Chris Manawa

As described by Walking Dead fans, Chris had well and truly gone "in-Shane" by the mid-season finale.

When the teen's behavior and actions reached a breaking point, Chris left the estate. Before long, Chris learned that his Father was pursuing him and took hostage of a man's child, forcing him to send Travis away.

Travis chased Chris down and got into a physical fight with him. Chris went on to tell his Father that he was no longer "good," which prompted Travis to tell Nick that he couldn't bring Chris back with him in the state that he was in.

Daniel Salazar

At the start of the mid-season finale, Daniel experienced a nightmare in which Ofelia was Infected. He awoke from the noise of Strand's gunshot and desperately tried to find Ofelia. Daniel embraced her when he did.

Growing more and more unstable, Daniel pocketed a razor blade and told Ofelia that they needed to go and find Griselda (his deceased wife) because they were in danger. Sensing Ofelia's growing discomfort at her father's behavior, a worker at the estate intervened. Daniel drew his hidden blade and cut the worker across the face.

Because of his actions, Daniel was taken and locked in the storage room near the cellar. Celia told Daniel that he needed to gain forgiveness from the dead. Daniel then went on to hallucinate Griselda's ghost. The two shared a conversation about all the people Daniel had killed, including those he killed before the zombie apocalypse.

When a worker brought Daniel food, he attacked him and proceeded to the cellar full of Infected. Daniel poured gasoline throughout the cellar and prepared to watch on as the Infected burned.

In his unstable state, Daniel did not see the Infected being burned, but the humans they were once before. It was unclear whether or not Daniel escaped the fire.

Fear the Walking Dead will be returning for it's second half of Season 2 on August 21st.

Who knows what crazy stuff will happen next to the Fear the Walking Dead characters? One things for certain, I doubt there will be a shortage of zombies and character deaths!

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