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The Star Wars Story-Time Saga Collection is a series of books based on the original Star Wars trilogy; A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of The Jedi. Before I get carried away here, I need to clarify these books are designed for kids ages 4 – 9 years. I thought that was an important point to tell you all now, in case people started running for their Speeder Bikes. For parents, aunties, uncles, or any Star Wars fans that spend time with kids, this collection of Star Wars children books will begin two journeys:

  • The introduction of Star Wars to a new generation of children
  • The first Star Wars merchandise you have ever taken out of the box.

Star Wars has literally been a part of my entire life. I was only two months old when the first of the original Star Wars trilogy was released in Australia in 1977. My parents really wanted to see the film, so they took me along with them to watch A New Hope at a drive in cinema. Whether I was aware of it or not, my early childhood consciousness began its cognitive connection to Star Wars then and there. That is why I am sharing this collection of books with you - to provide the opportunity of sharing a similar experience through the nurturing activity of reading (oh nurture). Plus reading to children is an excellent development tool. No one wants to raise a generation of children who are susceptible to Jedi mind tricks.


: Let me see your identification.

Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi:

[with a small wave of his hand] You don't need to see his identification.


We don't need to see his identification.

Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi:

These aren't the droids you're looking for.


These aren't the droids we're looking for.

Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi:

He can go about his business.


You can go about your business.

Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi:

Move along.


Move along... move along.

A New Hope

Just like in the original Star Wars trilogy, it begins with the opening line

A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…..

This famous sentence once again begins the inception of Star Wars, and the emblematic struggle between darkness and light. There is something about that opening line that triggers an infectious level of energy when reading this story. Without realising it, A New Hope will be fresh in a new and exciting way, as you read aloud the opening battle between the Rebel Alliance and Imperial Forces with all the gusto you can muster.

The detail in these stories has obviously been designed for kids, and delivers the story to great effect with large and bold nouns, verbs and adjectives spread-out across the pages of all four books. This first tale ends with R2-D2 and C-3PO jettisoning the Rebel ship down to Tatooine to save the secret plans of the Death Star from the menacing Darth Vader, "see you later mate!".

The Empire Strikes Back

This is my favourite Star Wars movie, but because these have been specially written for children, the story only focuses on the relatively lighter side of the movie with Luke Skywalker’s training. Just like in the movie, the Star Wars Story-Time Saga Collection, has Luke meeting up to say G’day to a shriveled little hermit down at sunny Dagobah. This story works well by introducing kids to Luke Skywalker, Yoda and more importantly, the Force. I would recommend some throat lozenges for this particular story-time session, because a prolonged Yoda voice takes a toll. After a while, my version of Yoda became more like Aughra from the Dark Crystal.

Aughra: Ya look like Gelfling...


Aughra: SMELL like Gelfling...


Aughra: maybe y'ARE Gelfling!

Luke’s time down at Dagobah with Yoda has some complex lessons to teach kids about judgement, acceptance, fear, hate, perseverance and belief. It deals with them well, and concludes with Luke packing up his bongos and hitting the road to save his friends.

The Empire Strikes Back / Return Of The Jedi

The third book in the Star Wars Story-Time Saga Collection tells the story of how Han Solo is captured, and then later rescued in Return of The Jedi. By this stage in the series, you really are a seasoned story teller, and will have any kid enthralled in your scheduled Star Wars story-time slot.

The choice of stories within this series introduces many of the key characters of the movies brilliantly. I would of thought it would be difficult to perform such a large number of characters and personalities, but the enthusiasm of reliving these iconic characters makes performing the various roles easy.

It'll be just like Beggar's Canyon back home!

After reading these, I began pretending to open automatic sliding doors (again) with the Force. My wife has learned to accept that it's going to happen, when she catches me doing a sneaky force push with my hand as we walk in - ha ha!

Return Of The Jedi

The final book takes the story to Endor. The Ewoks were a little cheesy in the movie, and they remain so in the book. For kids though, it makes perfect sense for the conclusion of this four part Star Wars synopsis to finale with some cute Ewoks. I personally think Ewoks would make a great pair of Ugg Boots.....

The story only stays on Endor, and does not explain the Emperor or final battles with Luke Skywalker and his grumpy father Darth Vader. Instead, the story focuses on the lighter side of the Return of The Jedi, and how the Rebels teamed up with a tribe of Ugg Boots to win the day and save the galaxy.

The Power Of The Force

The Star Wars Story-Time Saga Collection is a great series of books that cleverly introduces a new generation to Star Wars. I love reading books, and to share that experience, plus the associated benefits of reading, with those you love is a win win for me. Regardless if my children choose to love Star Wars as much as me, the memories of the time we shared together through reading these books are memories that they will hopefully keep for the rest of their lives.

Next exciting step – show them the movies!!

What Star Wars experiences have you shared with your kids?


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