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Who would have thought that Resident Evil could break the video game movie curse and produce a successful sequel, let alone develop a legacy of six films over 15 years? After banking $915 million in worldwide ticket sales, the Resident Evil franchise is set to finally bow out gracefully with the appropriately titled Final Chapter, which is due for release on January 27, 2017.

Graceful AF [Via Constantin Film]
Graceful AF [Via Constantin Film]

It's unusual for a popular franchise like this to end on its own terms, particularly when said franchise is renowned for its ballsy direction and in your face action. But it bodes well for Resident Evil fans that the The Final Chapter has been specifically designed to wrap Alice's story up once and for all.

Watch the trailer below:

Naturally then, the new international trailer for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter opens with Alice driving back to Raccoon City where it all began, intent on taking down the Umbrella Corporation for good.

In between the numerous shots of Alice kicking undead ass, a few references to other zombie movies pop up, including the overwhelming hordes of World War Z and the souped up truck from Dawn of the Dead. But more importantly: How does the Resident Evil: Final Chapter trailer pay homage to the franchise's own legacy?

Returning Cast

People die left, right and center in the Resident Evil films — this is a zombie apocalypse, after all! However, director Paul W.S. Anderson has made a conscious effort to bring back as many surviving cast members as possible for the franchise's final instalment.

[Via Constantin Film]
[Via Constantin Film]

Claire Redfield (Ali Larter), Ada (Li Bingbing) and Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) are just a few of the faces that we'll see return. Game of Thrones fans will be particularly happy when they see Iain Glen back in the role of Dr Alexander Isaacs, the creepy mastermind of Umbrella Corp.

Let's take a moment to remember those who will not join us in Resident Evil: Final Chapter, including that licker who was crushed by a giant cross in Apocalypse and that first guy to be sliced up by the laser corridor. May the sliced-up chunks of his corpse rest in peace.

The Red Queen

[Via Constantin Film]
[Via Constantin Film]

One of the most memorable characters in the entire Resident Evil franchise isn't even a person at all, but is actually an enigmatic computer program that presents itself as a creepy little British girl. Whether this creepines is more of a commentary on the use of children in horror or the acting ability of the cast is up for debate. Either way though, it's certainly a welcome surprise to see the Red Queen return in the trailer for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

The holographic girl seems a little less posh than normal perhaps, but she's just as untrustworthy as ever, at least in Alice's eyes. However, a warning she gives to Alice during the trailer suggests that perhaps the Red Queen may finally be on the side of good, once and for all.

See also:

The Hive

[Via Constantin Film]
[Via Constantin Film]

Around halfway through the new trailer, the Red Queen pops up to tell Alice that:

"Humanity will cease to exist unless you return to the Hive."

Hardcore fans will remember that the Hive was ground zero for the zombie outbreak in the first film, so it's fitting that Alice will end her story back where it all began. In this context, the return of Umbrella mastermind Dr. Alexander Isaacs also makes far more sense, especially when coupled with the tagline 'Evil Comes Home'.

The Lasers!

[Via Constantin Film]
[Via Constantin Film]

The Resident Evil movies borrow a lot from the video games that inspired them, but some of the franchise's most memorable iconography actually appeared in the films first. Such is the case with the now-legendary laser booby trap that sliced and diced people way back in the first installment.

Towards the end of the new trailer, Alice avoids being cut up like sushi by throwing out some serious acrobatic stunts. What I don't understand, though, is why Umbrella didn't just make the lasers bigger so they cover the entire breadth of the hallway, including the ceiling?

Weren't there more lasers before? [Via Constantin Film]
Weren't there more lasers before? [Via Constantin Film]

Yes, that's definitely the only plot hole I can see in the entire Resident Evil franchise.

One question the trailer has left unanswered is: where are Alice's powers? Her psychic powers don't seem to appear in the Final Chapter trailer, yet her abilities were returned to her at the end of Resident Evil: Retribution. Whether a genuine reason is given for this in the final release, or whether Anderson has simply held back on showing off Alice's gifts is up for debate. However, with or without her powers, we know for a fact that Milla Jovovich can still pull off an impressive superhero landing.

What's your favorite moment in the new Resident Evil: Final Chapter trailer?


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