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Imagine the scene; two titanic egos, head to head, toe to toe. Two men enter, one man leaves and after wrestling in epic battle and almost destroying half a city, the victor can hold his head high. This is what the showdown between Vin Diesel and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson looked like in Fast 5 but in reality tensions on the set of Fast 8 are bubbling on social media.

On Monday, Johnson sent out a post on Instagram celebrating the final week of shooting on the set of Fast 8. In it, he applauded his female co-stars and most of the male ones except for a few rotten apples;

"Some conduct themselves as stand up men and true professionals, while others don’t. The ones that don’t are too chicken shit to do anything about it anyway. Candy asses."

When news broke out, many looked to the latest addition to the Fast & Furious franchise, Scott Eastwood, son of legendary actor and cantankerous old man Clint Eastwood. It's easy to point the finger at Eastwood as he has shown his nastier, more entitled side in a recent interview with Esquire that might have rubbed The Rock the wrong way.

However, now TMZ is reporting that the Johnson and Vin Diesel met on Tuesday night to squash the beef on the set as the toxic energy was getting in the way of shooting. Production sources claim that the Rock was referring to a power struggle within the FF8 family:

"We’re told The Rock has butted heads with Vin during the production, in part because V.D. is a producer and has made decisions that didn’t sit well with the former wrestling champ"

It Can't Be True, Can It?

Obviously we have to take everything TMZ reports with more than just a pinch of salt as they are (in)famous for fabricating gossip and 'beefs' based on dubious sources. Johnson and Diesel have formed a strong friendship off and on set and there is a mountain of evidence that this bond wouldn't be chucked away for a tiff during a shoot. They've certainly often taken the opportunity to share their friendship on social media and in interviews.

Two buddies with two stunt doubles: Which is which?
Two buddies with two stunt doubles: Which is which?

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Here Vin is literally opening up about how much love he has for Dwayne:

"The only human in Hollywood that called when Fast 4 came out to say congratulations was Dwayne [...]. There's so much contempt in Hollywood, it's a good feeling when you know people have your back."

On the surface it seems as though the loss of Paul Walker in 2013 acted as a galvanizing force, bringing the rest of the cast closer together and creating a sense of family on set. Maybe Walker was also a go-between, a diplomatic mediator who made sure everyone was content and squashed any emerging beefs before they happened?

Both Diesel and Johnson are producers and are expected to act in a professional manner: why would they put their franchise in jeopardy for mere muscle flexing? Fans of Johnson also know that he is an old-school guy who upholds traditional values: loyalty, friendship and family are the most important things to him. So chances are the Diesel-Johnson showdown will not erupt in the real world and is mere gossip speculation. Tyrese Gibson is the only co-star to have responded, refuting the beef by saying "He's my brother". We just have to hold our breath to see what Vin Diesel has to say to clear his case.


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Source: TMZ