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Although we've got mysterious snippets from the set via Mark Ruffalo's Instagram, there's no much we know yet about Thor: Ragnarok, partly because Marvel decided not to release the footage they showed at this year's Comic-Con. And while we've been focused on the Thor-Hulk relationship that both actors have teased time and again, we weren't sure yet what the sneaky adoptive Asgardian would be up to, or even if he'd come back at all.

Thankfully, Tom Hiddleston has taken a break from his Hiddleswift adventures by joining Instagram and posting a picture of himself as Loki, so we can count on him to wreak havoc in various places of the universe like he always does. And you could try to guess what he's planning this time based on the two previous Thor movies, but fortunately, this is a superhero movie, and there's a wealth of comic book material to draw from. So, which of Loki's existing story arcs can we expect to find in Thor: Ragnarok, if any?

The Ragnarok Storyline In Marvel Comics

There's several meanings to the word Ragnarok in the comic books, with one of the things it designates being a clone of Thor created by Tony Stark after everyone assumes the hammer-wielding cutie is dead and gone. Said clone goes after the superheroes who dared not to sign the Superhuman Registration Act in Civil War, but things get a bit out of control when he's convinced that he's the real Thor and heir of the Asgardian throne.

The main arc, though, isn't about the clone: Ragnarok stands for "end of the world" in Thor's world. How is this apocalypse brought about, you might ask? By Loki, of course, who might have been exploring his sweet side in The Dark World, but doesn't seem like he's about to lose sight of his goal to take up Odin's throne. His new scheme involves trying to replicate Mjolnir, creating a bunch of other weapons, and going to war against Thor with the Storm Giants. Add to that the fact that Loki summons Surtur, a fire demon that helps him defeat Odin, and Mr. Evil Laugh has triggered a good old Ragnarok.

Hello, Surtur / Marvel Comics
Hello, Surtur / Marvel Comics

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With Odin gone, Thor earns the ultimate responsibility of saving whatever's left of Asgard. Our fearless blonde warrior, sensing that two Mjolnirs is a bit too much for the world, tries to find the wisdom of Odin in an attempt to stop Loki for once and for all. That's when he discovers that Loki isn't (fully) to blame for Ragnarok, because a group of mystical beings, Those Who Sit Above In Shadow, got bored in their eternal lives and set up a Ragnarok every few centuries or so because destruction gives them energy.

How Does The Comic Version Fit In With Marvel's Phase 3?

Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

It would make sense, then, that the cosmic journey Thor and Hulk go on is about finding those shadow creepers. Picture this: Hulk is sent off to a distant planet during the events of Civil War, the trip goes wrong and he ends up in the Grandmaster's sadistic arena (who we know is played by Jeff Goldblum). Meanwhile on Asgard, Loki is making a mess with his Mjolnir 2.0 so Thor decides to go get Hulk because they're good buddies after all, and together they unravel the mystery of the apocalyptic alarm clock.

But Asgard is mainly destroyed, and in the comics, Thor has to sacrifice himself, entering a long and dull state of hibernation, to break the Ragnarok cycle. That would tie in nicely with the Russo brothers' comment that Thor is going to have "a real emotional motivation" after the events of Ragnarok, which will certainly help propel him into the Infinity Wars.

The MCU's Thor / Marvel Studios
The MCU's Thor / Marvel Studios

Where Hela and all the other additions to the Thor family fit in, however, we don't know yet (assuming the movie won't include that little comic detail that Hela is Loki's daughter). However, Loki's position as a trigger for trouble suits him, and because he's got familial ties to Thor, the disasters he'll certainly bring along will contribute to the emotional impact on Thor we're expecting to see in the movie.

Thor: Ragnarok is set for release on November 3, 2017.

What do you think Loki will be up to in Thor: Ragnarok?

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