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Scott Eastwood might have got pulses racing in all the wrong ways with that interesting interview alongside his dad recently, but he has made an attempt to redeem himself with his latest video offering.

The Suicide Squad hunk wanted to show his fans a Scott's eye view of what Comic-Con was like, and he totally knew what his target audience was after. Check out Scott basically inviting his fans into the shower with him in the video below:

If seeing Scott's soggy antics have whet your appetite for some more shower based studs, below is a handy compilation of some of the hottest scenes in cinema. You're welcome!

Ben Affleck - Gone Girl

Ben had the tabloids going wild when he teased the fact that he got his Affleck out for Gone Girl. Even though the 0.2 seconds of schlong were not exactly Fassbender level full-frontal, the scene is still pretty sizzling.

Channing Tatum - She's The Man

Sure, the clip above might look like it was filmed on a turnip, but it's worth enduring for a hazy glimpse of the mystical beast that is young, shirtless Channing Tatum. Swoon.

Robert Pattinson - Remember Me

Who'd have thought that getting all wet in the shower with Robert Pattinson would have got so steamy. Extraordinary.

See Also:

Zac Efron - We Are Your Friends

Zac Efron's shower scene in High School Musical 3 might have been snipped off the final cut (if you're responsible, I will find you and I will kill you), but thankfully We Are Your Friends delivers.

Tom Cruise - Oblivion

Sure, he might be a mad Scientologist with questionable parenting skills, but old Tommy C still looks pretty fine in the shower. My E-meter is all aquiver.

Jared Leto - Switchback

Normally I wouldn't include a video that was such bad quality and dubbed in German, but young Jared Leto deserves to be recognized for his contribution to the soggy stud hall of fame.

What's your favorite steamy celeb show scene? Share your favorite clips and snaps in the comments below.

Room for one more, Ian?
Room for one more, Ian?

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