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Grant Gustin, CW's The Flash star has conquered our hearts with his amazing performance as Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash. His character is that of the fastest man alive as well as the most lovable nerd! On many occasions Gustin has proved to us that he's a nerd in real life as well, and we love him even more for that. We're also blessed with the fact that he's very active on Instagram! Here are 13 times that Grant Gustin proved he's the cutest dork on Instagram!

13. When His Idea Of A Good Start To A Day Means Geeking Out In Bed!

Drinking coffee from a CCJitters mug while reading a Superman comic book could be the definition of dorky! You'll recall CCJitters is the coffee shop featured on The Flash.

12. That Time When He Owned The Fact He's A Dork.

Self-awareness is key! ;)

11. That Time When He Couldn't Hold In His Excitement For The Merging Of Two Fandoms!

Grant Gustin is Draco's (Tom Felton) No. 1 fan, but we're also super excited that the Harry Potter alumus is joining The Flash!

10. That Time He Rocked A Geeky Bath Robe!

Gustin thinking he's a thug is absolutely dorky and cute!

9. And Blew Our Minds With Flash-ception!

Look at The Flash within The Flash! This is a totally adorable moment for Gustin!

8. When His Puppies Win Instagram!

When he greets us with his puppies, Jett and Nora (who, by the way, have their own hashtags: and ), remind us how cute he is. He goes everywhere with his pups, even to set! So adorable!

7. Embracing Group Dress Up Like A Boss

He's right: They're nailing it!

6. When He Embraces His Fandom

We can't forget that time he posed with his own poster! Go The Flash fandom!

5. That Time When He Dressed Up In A Flash Halloween Costume!

No one dresses up like The Flash, better than The Flash himself! Look at that dorky smile! Gustin is the king of dorky dress up!

4. When He Takes An Awkward Selfie With His Fans!

Cuteness overload!

3. That Time When He Played Like A Kid

I think that Grant Gustin is having a better time than little Mile Brown playing at San Diego Comic-Con!

2. When He Makes Winning A Teen Choice Award Awkward!

By trying to understand the Teen Choice Awards' screening process. Are you certain that you're really a teen?

1. And That Time...

No words needed for this one!

Grant Gustin is officially the cutest nerdy dork ever! Season 3 of The Flash is set to premiere on Tuesday, October 4, 2016! Check out the Comic-Con trailer below to catch some more nerdy Barry Allen!


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