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Like millions of likeminded Dieselheads out there, I'm all over Vin's Facebook page for his hilarious live videos and down-to-earth love of fan art, but a post from last month has stuck in my mind for an astonishing reason - it appeared to show a very familiar pair of eyes in tattoo form.

Check Vin's post below and see if you agree with the uncanny resemblance between the tat and the late Paul Walker's eyes:

It's no secret that Vin's relationship with his "Brother Pablo" ran deep - he even named his daughter after his late co-star - but could he really have had a permanent tribute inked onto his body?

I can't resist a bit of online detective work, so come with me on an investigation to try and work out the origins of this puzzling image that the big man himself chose to share with the world.

Which Image Of Paul Walker Could It Be Based On?

Any Paul Walker super fan would be able to recognize the late Fast & Furious legend's eyes in the image above, but which exact photograph could it have came from?

Can over 800 'Furious 7' fans be wrong?
Can over 800 'Furious 7' fans be wrong?

Although the dramatic shading of the tattoo distorts the set of the eyebrows, the image totally reminds me of one of the most memorable scenes in Furious 7. When Brian O'Connor turns in the fork of the road after his final goodbye.

While this is kind of bizarre seeing as the image in question is actually a CGI render created by a talented SFX team after Walker's death, it certainly makes sense in terms of Paul and Vin's journey together on the franchise.

Where Did The Photo Actually Come From?

Vin adores sharing work by his passionate fans, but it turns out that this is no fan art edit and was actually snapped by a Los Angeles based photographer named Rich Marchewka.

Along with the image that Vin shared which shows the distinctive eye tattoo, there is also a shot from the front featuring a whole plethora of other badass tattoos.

Clearly not all of these tattoos are real - unless Vin is secretly really obsessed with the xXx franchise - but could at least a few of them be his own?

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Has Vin Ever Spoken About Having Tattoos In Real Life?

Multiple sources state that Vin Diesel doesn't have any tattoos in real life, but the interview where the star supposedly said this is nowhere to be found in even the dustiest corners of the internet.

That being said, there is no reason to believe that Vin is an ink lover as his skin looks totally unadorned in his Instagram feed:

Despite his multiple gym selfies, Vin hasn't shown his bare back for almost two years when he posted the artistic snap below. Could this be proof that he has been hiding a special tribute for all this time?

Could It Be For The xXx Movie?

While it's clear from the cast photos and tell-tale logo that most of Vin's tattoos are to help transform him into the badass Xander Cage, it's unclear why they would include a tattoo of Paul Walker who has absolutely no links to the franchise.

To this day, Vin still posts images that show how much he still grieves for his lost pal, so if this isn't a permanent memorial, it's possible he could have asked for it to be incorporated into the xXx: Return of Xander Cage tattoo design for sentimental reasons.

This isn't entirely unlikely because Diesel has previously included subjects close to his heart in his Xander Cage tattoo designs for sentimental reasons. The hulking star has made no secret of his deep love for Dungeons and Dragons, and he had his beloved character emblazoned on his body for the role. The 49-year-old star told Conan that:

"I created a character... No one knows this, but in Triple-X, one of the tattoos, right above my belly-button, or below my belly button, I don't know why I'm saying this *hoots from audience*, was the name Melkor. And that came from a character that I had created."

If Vin didn't want to commit to a permanent piece of body art for whatever reason, this would still be a beautiful tribute to Paul that would live on through his work.

Do you think that Vin Diesel might have got a Paul Walker tribute tattoo for real?

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