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Sometimes, when a TV show is expected to last for at least 6–8 seasons, the writers and producers of the show can't just write a story revolving around a single main character and make him feature in every single scene of every single episode. The most important thing that a show needs to run for a long time is a stellar supporting cast.

Supporting cast members can sometime provide moments of brilliance without the lead being a part of the scene. In other words, these supporting cast members can just simply steal the show by making you laugh, cry or angry from time to time. So, a successful TV show can't just depend on its lead — it needs a talented supporting cast. And a perfect example of this are all the shows of the Flarrowverse — Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. From Carlos Valdes's Cisco Ramon to Calista Flockhart's Cat Grant, each one of these supporting characters on the show have shown us that we don't need the likes of Green Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl in every single scene to keep us hooked on.

But among all of those supporting characters, there's a certain group of characters that all the four shows have in common and stand out among the rest — the geeks. These are the characters we can most relate to. Obviously, some of us aren't as smart as these characters, but these characters react to the things happening around them exactly the way every single one of us would react if we were surrounded by superheroes. Some of these characters even have superpowers themselves. However, that doesn't change the fact that they totally freak out when they see something cool happen, just like we would. Also, these characters are the one who usually provide some comic relief during intense scenes.

The following are the characters from the Flarrowverse who we totally love to see geek out on screen:

Cisco Ramon

Played By: Carlos Valdes

Cisco Ramon is probably the most loved character, not just in The Flash, but in the entire Flarrowverse. From him wearing a cool t-shirt in every episode to his pop culture references, everything about this character is so relatable. Cisco naming every metahuman that The Flash goes up against is another thing that the viewers keep waiting for. Well, maybe not every viewer, but the ones who haven't read The Flash comics and don't have any idea about any of the villains The Flash's rogues gallery. During the first crossover of Arrow and The Flash, remember how Cisco reacted when he saw them talking to each other? Who wouldn't want to take a photo of two superheroes standing together? I know I would. Even after learning that he's got superpowers, the character is ever so grounded. Carlos Valdes does an absolutely brilliant job playing Cisco and we hope he keeps playing Cisco for many seasons to come. We have become so used to seeing Cisco on the show, we can't imagine The Flash without him.

Felicity Smoak

Played By: Emily Bett Rickards

Felicity Smoak was one of the most loved characters of Arrow during its first two seasons. She was initially a recurring character in the first season. However, she became such a fan-favorite that she joined Team Arrow and became a series regular. She was the first geek from the Flarrowverse. Fans of the character like to believe that she's the one who started the trend of having characters like Cisco and Winn to keep the show grounded. But from the third season onwards, Felicity was on the receiving end of negative attacks and hate. These haters like to blame the downfall of Arrow on the Olicity romance and not the big guns at Warner Bros. — the ones who actually ruined Arrow by not letting major DC characters join the show. But among all the negativity, Felicity still thrives as one of the best things about the show. While there are a lot of haters out there, her fans still haven't left her side. And the proof of that is Olicity winning Ship of the Year Award at MTV Fandom Awards last month.

Winn Schott

Played By: Jeremy Jordan

Winslow Schott a.k.a. Winn Schott is more famously known as Toyman in the comics. But in Supergirl, Winn's a genius friend and co-worker of Kara at CatCo Worldwide Media. He's the one who made Supergirl her costume and also keeps fanboying about Kara's more famous cousin from time to time. The way he bonded with Barry in the Supergirl and The Flash crossover episode, makes us want to see Winn be a part of the four-night mega crossover and interact with the likes of Felicity and Cisco. At Comic-Con, on being asked which other characters from the Flarrowverse he would like to share scenes with, Jeremy Jordan told IGN:

"I wanna have like a nerd-off with like Carlos Valdes, Emily Bett. You know what I'm saying? And throw a little bit of Victor Garber in there too...just all the nerds together."

Winn's father is Toyman on Supergirl's Earth and we want him to continue being Kara's geeky friend on Supergirl, but we would love to see Winn as Toyman on some other Earth (preferably Earth-1 of the Flarrowverse), just like we saw Caitlin Snow as her Killer Frost persona on Earth-2.

Ray Palmer

Played By: Brandon Routh

Brandon Routh played Superman in 2006's Superman Returns. Eight years later, Routh re-joined the DC Universe as Ray Palmer on Arrow. When he first appeared on Arrow, in the Season 3 premiere, Ray looked like a billionaire playboy like Oliver Queen or Bruce Wayne. But as the seasons progressed and he joined DC's Legends of Tomorrow, we got to know the real Ray Palmer. When news of DC's Legends of Tomorrow first broke back in January, 2014 everyone expected Ray to lead the team right from the front. But the show turned out to be very different what was expected and we got to see the geeky side of Ray.

Martin Stein

Played By: Victor Garber

Martin Stein is the oldest person on this list, but that doesn't stop him from geek out every time he sees something "astonishing." Traveling through time and saving the world is a unique adventure for a 60-year-old scientist and him being in awe of everything he encounters throughout time is fun to watch for the viewers. DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 was pretty intense, and along with Ray, Martin was the one providing moments of comic relief through the season. We can't wait to see him back at it when DC's Legends of Tomorrow returns with its second season.

Curtis Holt

Played By: Echo Kellum

Echo Kellum joined Arrow last season as Curtis Holt and has quickly become a fan-favorite. He has signed on for Season 5 of Arrow as a series regular and as the Comic-Con trailer for the show suggested he'll be joining Team Arrow right from the very first episode. He did briefly join Team Arrow last season as a replacement for Felicity. But this time around he'll be again joining the team as Mr. Terrific. He was kind of the Cisco of Arrow last season and it would be interesting if we get to see the two of them sharing scenes during the four-night crossover. Even after Curtis becomes a full-fledged superhero and starts fighting crimes don't expect him to leave his geeky self behind.

Which of these characters can you most relate to? Let us know in the comments section down below.


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