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The upcoming season of The Flash is arguably the most anticipated yet with so many new announcements every week it's hard to keep track. The events of the season finale left us in shock and now we must prepare to enter a brave new world because of Barry's actions. In addition to "Flashpoint," we have the much anticipated four-show crossover to look forward to.

However, the latest information comes from Comic Book Resources, who have reported that Grey Damon has been cast as the infamous Flash villain Mirror Master and will be making his first appearance in the fourth episode of the season. Rumours had been circulating online since That Hashtag Show reported earlier about the new casting breakdowns for The Flash. One of the three casting breakdowns is for Sam Scudder, which led many people to believe that Mirror Master would be making an appearance in the third season.

SAM SCUDDER – Male, 30s, open ethnicity. A master thief with supermodel looks and an ego the size of the Grand Canyon. Scudder is one of the most charming criminals you’ll ever meet. The only thing he loves more than money is himself. After his sudden, mysterious disappearance three years ago, Scudder has returned to Central City seeking fortune and revenge. Open to offer only / cameo ideas as well. RECURRING GUEST STAR.
Grey Damon will be playing Mirror Master.
Grey Damon will be playing Mirror Master.

Ever since The Flash began, many fans have been calling for the villain to appear and many find it odd that he still hasn't appeared yet. It looks like that is all about to change. We already know so much about Season 3, which makes us wonder how exactly could Mirror Master could fit into the current storylines of the show. Let's take a look at some possible roles that Mirror Master could play in the third season of The Flash.

A Result Of Flashpoint

Something's wrong — Barry feels the effects.
Something's wrong — Barry feels the effects.

What's interesting is that Mirror Master is one of The Flash's most notorious villains, yet he's never appeared on the CW series. It is also a little odd that lesser known villains have appeared while Mirror Master has been notably absent. This leads me to the conclusion that perhaps Mirror Master's appearance could be linked to Flashpoint.

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Perhaps Mirror Master is a result of Barry's actions — perhaps he is now a primary villain of Central City due to the altered timeline and it will appear as if he had been there the whole time. No one else will be able to remember the events of the past two seasons except for Barry and the viewers.

The Arrow-verse Cross Over Event

Earths collide — The CW DC Universe.
Earths collide — The CW DC Universe.

It is now a known fact that this year's Arrow-verse crossover will not only involve all four CW superhero shows but will also revolve around one villain in particular — it is entirely possible that this threat is Mirror Master.

As Mirror Master possesses the ability to use mirrors to travel through different planes of existence then it is possible that he will do so — hence how Supergirl and her Earth will be involved in the crossover. Moreover, Supergirl will air on Monday nights meaning that her Earth will initiate the crossover. Taking into account Mirror Master's notable absence on The Flash, it is possible that he will originate in Supergirl's Earth and thus travel into The Flash's for the second installment of the four-parter.

The Savior Of Flashpoint

Can Mirror Master save us from Flashpoint?
Can Mirror Master save us from Flashpoint?

It is a well documented fact that Mirror Master can use mirrors to travel into other dimensions. As much as we can speculate about Mirror Master traveling from Earth to Earth and perhaps even bringing Supergirl to Earth-1, there is an entirely different possibility.

What if Mirror Master is the savior of Flashpoint? As Flashpoint has altered the timeline, it may not be possible for Barry himself to travel back in time because of the alterations to the timeline — traveling back in time may only take him back to an earlier date in the current timeline, so he may need someone else to take him back.

Mirror Master's unique ability not only extends to Earth traveling, but to time planes and dimensions, so instead of him being a result of Flashpoint perhaps he will arise at the time when Barry needs a solution the most. With Mirror Master's unique ability to travel to other planes of existence mixed with the fact that Flashpoint will not be lasting the entire season, perhaps he will be able to travel to the plane of existence from the first two seasons, thus reversing the effects of Flashpoint.

Supergirl Joining The Arrow-verse

Supergirl is joining the Arrow-verse, right?
Supergirl is joining the Arrow-verse, right?

Whether or not Mirror Master is the cause of the crossover, we know there is much speculation about Supergirl permanently joining the Arrow-verse. In order for this to happen, Supergirl needs to take place on the same Earth as Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow which it currently does not. One could argue that this is easily solved by Supergirl traveling to Earth-1 but this poses an issue because all of the supporting characters of the show — including Superman, Jimmy Olsen and Cat Grant— are part of Supergirl's Earth and her traveling to Earth-1 would in effect remove the entire cast. In theory, what needs to happen is for Supergirl's Earth to merge with Earth-1.

If such a scenario does occur, then who better to cause it than Mirror Master? We've established that he possesses the ability to jump from Earth to Earth — but perhaps there is some way that this Earth-hopping could end up joining the Earths together. There is no other villain more equipped for causing such an event than Mirror Master, so it is entirely possible that he will be the man responsible for finally bringing Supergirl — and Superman — into the Arrow-verse.

If Mirror Master is indeed the savior of the Flashpoint story, then perhaps joining the two Earths together will be a consequence of traveling to a pre-Flashpoint timeline.

This new information suggests that Barry will have multiple threats in the third season and Mirror Master's arrival will, no doubt, be momentous for the show. Whether or not Mirror Master may be able to reverse the effects of Flashpoint and bring Supergirl's Earth to Earth-1, let's not forget that he is one of the most formidable Flash foes and this can only mean bad things for Barry. Central City may never be the same.

What do you think Mirror Master's role will be in the third season of The Flash? Do you think he will be able to reverse Flashpoint? Tell me in the comment section below.

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