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This year, we get to see the Arrow universe expand as it introduces Supergirl on the CW and all of the shows dive into some huge topics like the Justice Society and Flashpoint. The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl all return in October — which is so far away! However, when the time comes for these shows to premiere, it will have been worth the wait.

These season premieres are all going to exciting as they are going to showcase some shocking moments. But which show will have the most shocking premiere? By shocking, I mean the episode with the most "WTF" moments and the biggest impact on its viewers moving forward.

4. Legends Of Tomorrow

Coming in at number four for the least shocking season premiere is Legends of Tomorrow. That doesn't mean that there will not be a ton of exciting and shocking moments in the episode, it's just that the show will take a few episodes to get into all of the awesome stuff.

Even though the season is only 13 episodes, the producers have confirmed that the new villain will be revealed slowly. We know now that the Legion of Doom — Damien Darhk, Reverse Flash, Malcolm Merlyn, and Captain Cold — will be the main threat to the Legends in the second season. So it is unclear whether that "new villain" is the Legion of Doom or a completely new character. If the producers were in fact referring to the supervillain team, it will probably be three or four episodes until we see them in full force. To reflect this, the Justice Society of America will probably be slowly teased out also.

When the trailer above was released at San Diego Comic-Con this year, the show had only filmed one or two episodes, which is why a lot of the footage is from the first season. It looks like the season premiere will show New York City being attacked during World War II and that is when they realize they are the only people who can now protect the timeline.

At first they think that the Nazis are behind it but they realize that it is actually Damien Darhk from the past. Obviously, Sara has a huge grudge against the man since he ends up killing her sister in the future. While this episode sounds like it will be a good one, it does not feel like the epic season premiere that it should be — especially when standing next to these next three.

3. Supergirl

I actually stopped watching Supergirl seven or eight episodes into the first season. While the show wasn't horrible, it was very boring and by the eighth episode, I wasn't motivated to keep watching. In other words, I was never hooked and it was a lot easier to slip away. However, since the show has been moved to the CW and is officially becoming a part of the Arrow-verse, I'll be watching it again. Also, with the addition of Superman, it would be hard not to watch this show.

We don't know much about the season premiere of Supergirl compared to the other shows, but we know that Superman himself will appear in the first two episodes. That itself already makes this premiere highly anticipated. Bringing Superman to the show is obviously awesome for so many reasons but also means something moving forward. If they can bring on Superman, they may be able to bring on any DC Comics character.

This new season of Supergirl is supposed to be completely different from the first. We will get to see Supergirl try and compete with Superman as she feels like she is always in his shadow. This is a theme they tried to portray in Season 1 that didn't work too well as Superman wasn't physically present. Also, leaked set photos reveal one of Superman's biggest foes, Metallo, will be the villain of the season premiere.

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2. Arrow

Many fans have Arrow's season premiere at the bottom of their list, but they must have forgotten what the upcoming episode has in store for us. First of all, we will get to find out what Laurel asked Oliver to promise him on her death bed. Considering "Eleven Fifty-Nine" and "Canary Cry" were the two most popular episodes from Season 4, fans are going to be very excited to finally find exactly what was said.

That is only the beginning of what will occur in the season premiere. While we will have to wait until later in the season for Artemis, we will get to see an improvement on Diggle's helmet — which is way overdue. Also, it is rumored that a character who has not shown up in two seasons will make an appearance in the premiere. Many characters instantly come to mind but if I was to take my best guess, it would be Oliver's step father, Walter. I think Walter will show up to congratulate Oliver for becoming mayor of Star City.

Even though Stephen Amell said that this season is going to be very "patient" and that they are "taking their time, so everything can go crazy in the second half of the year," this season premiere is still going to be awesome. Of course, Amell is honest and straight-up with his fans but after filming the first episode, Amell boldy stated that the Season 5 premiere will have the most violent fight in TV history.

Considering we have shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, it would be pretty tough to make that statement true. Most Arrow episodes are also rated TV-14 and it would be extremely difficult to have the most violent fight in TV history happen in a TV-14 rated episode. The show could always bump this one episode to a TV-MA rating, but even then it would still be an almost impossible task for a show like Arrow.

Given all that, if Amell's statement were to be true, "Legacy" could easily become of the best Arrow episodes yet and would be a great way to show viewers that the show is back on track.

1. The Flash

To answer the question raised in the title, of course it's The Flash! This show is bringing one of the best Flash storylines onto the screen: Flashpoint. Comic book fans should be extremely excited to see how the season will play out. Specifically for the season premiere, we will get to see a lot of the changes post-Flashpoint timeline that we've been waiting to see for months.

At the start of the season, it looks like Barry will have been living in this alternate timeline for many months and is very content as both his parents are alive and he lives a normal life. He still has his powers but decides not to use them as Wally is actually the Flash in this timeline, which will also be a shocking reveal. Wally will be battling against the new unnamed speedster that will be one of the two main villains this season.

We will also get to see the return of the Reverse Flash and he knows exactly what Barry has done. It looks like he will be the one to make Barry realize what he has done was selfish and he needs to restore the timeline to its natural state. Also, he will see all the people who were apart of his life such as Joe, Cisco, and Iris. Barry will try and make a new relationship with all of those people but ultimately, he will fail and that will hurt him inside. The Flash has so much potential to be the best season of any of the CW shows and it all starts with its sure-to-be-epic premiere.


Which season premiere are you most looking forward to?

Are you guys excited for the premieres of all of these shows? Tell me below!


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