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With The Vampire Diaries centering on the Salvatore brothers - especially after Nina Dobrev left the show in Season 7 - it's no wonder that the brotherly love-to-hate symbiosis plays such a huge role in Mystic Falls. Stefan and Damon are linked by blood and, as such, suffer from the inbred duality of love and hate that all siblings do - which doesn't diminish their care (or affection) for each other at all. However, it's fair to say they have both found better friends outside their bloodline than within and, believe it or not, bad boy Damon has made quite many more friends than Stefan.

Against all odds, Damon brought Alaric to his side and made a drinking buddy - then a real friend - out of him. Next, he was able to convince Elena that he was in fact the better man for her, and she became team Damon. Finally, there was Bonnie and her forced therapy time with Damon, when they were both stranded in the Prison World. But before all those, Damon made his first real friend while he was imprisoned by the Augustine Vampires and he met Enzo. Damon - in true bad boy style - left his mate to burn in a fire while he escaped, but their friendship has only grown through its hardships.

Here are the six moments when Damon and Enzo definitively proved that "ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low, ain't no river wide enough" to keep true friends apart.

6. Bad Boys Don't Cry...They Kill

When Enzo got back with a vengeance against Damon, the one thing he didn't expect was to find an Elena-modified Damon. The friend Enzo knew once was cold-hearted and manipulative enough to do the wrong things - especially if it was in his interest, but Damon had become a completely different man on account of dating Elena. He tried to keep his instincts under wraps and strived to be morally correct at all costs, which didn't sit well with Enzo's plan to kill every single member of the Whitmore family - the people responsible for torturing him and Damon back in the '50s.

Although Damon had spent quite some time exercising his own revenge on the Augustine Vampires and the Whitmores, there was still one of them left. Aaron Whitmore went to college with Elena and, of course, she befriended him - which forbade Damon from killing the guy. But, in a twist, Katherine took over Elena's body and broke up with Damon, leading him to join his buddy Enzo and finishing the Whitmore line once and for all. The moment when Damon let go of his restraints, he reconnected with Enzo and reforged the friendship bond that was broken long before.

5. Damon, the Vampire Slayer

When Damon joined Enzo to put an end to the new Augustine Vampires, he got injected with a virus that made him crave vampire blood instead of human. So, in order to help his friend, Enzo took Damon away from every vampire he knew to prevent him from killing anyone, and the two ended up turning humans into vampires for Damon to feed from. Although the situation was pretty dire for Enzo, he "didn't abandon his friend" and went all Caroline Forbes on Damon - timing his feeding times and taking care of him methodically.

It was a testament to their friendship that Enzo refused to leave Damon alone to deal with his predicament, even though being a vampire himself put him directly below Damon on the food chain.

4. "I Didn't Know She Was Your Maggie"

Being no stranger to losing someone he loves, Damon tried his best to appease his friend Enzo when he discovered his beloved Maggie had died. Damon was forced to step in when Enzo went after Stefan for thinking he had killed Maggie, when in fact it had been Damon. So, in a very apologetic speech - by his bad boy standards - Damon told Enzo the whole story of how Maggie had died and offered to settle the score between the two of them.

That wasn't an option for Enzo, though. He had spent years incarcerated and being constantly tortured, then he managed to escape only to find out his best friend had killed the love of his life. At that moment, going after Damon and hating him wasn't an option, because then Enzo would have no one else in the world. So, Enzo did the next best thing: he flipped his humanity off, just like Damon had done when he left Enzo behind to burn.

3. I Feel Your Pain

Season 7 brought a three-year time skip to The Vampire Diaries, in which Damon locked himself in a coffin to wait for Elena to wake up, and Bonnie and Enzo fell in love with each other. Upon waking up from his sabbatical, Damon found his two best friends had not only become sweethearts, but also that Bonnie was on the verge of dying from drinking Rayna's blood. Rayna was the ultimate vampire huntress that imprisoned the souls of the vampires she killed inside the Fenix stone - and who Damon made a deal with in exchange for Bonnie's life.

As the Fenix stone was destroyed, all the souls that inhabited the stone were set free to roam around and possess new bodies, which Rayna could not accept. So, she promised to give her final life to Bonnie - she had a few - if Damon and co. managed to kill all the roaming vampires for her. It seemed like a great deal, were it not for the enormous amount of names in Rayna's list. and the minimal time Bonnie had left. When Enzo was conflicted between spending Bonnie's last moments with her and crossing names off Rayna's list, Damon offered Enzo some insight into his own experience of losing his soulmate - letting his friend know he understood his pain.

2. With A Little Help From My Friends

With the help of Stefan, Caroline, Alaric - and after making a deal with the Armory people - Damon managed to kill every single released vampire for Rayna, who then kept her part of the deal transferring her last life to Bonnie. What Rayna neglected to tell Damon until the very last minute was that, once Bonnie took her last life, she would become a vampire huntress herself.

That, of course, proved to be quite problematic for Bonnie and Enzo - since being a vampire would make him one of Bonnie's targets. Damon then took upon himself to fix the situation, by going into the mysterious vault inside the Armory to free Bonnie from Rayna's curse. He managed to save the day in the nick of time, just as Bonnie was piercing Enzo's heart with a wooden stake - and thus gave his best friends another chance at a life together.

1. "It Only Hurts the First Time"

The Armory vault and what was in it served as the great mystery for The Vampire Diaries Season 7. In fact, basically everything that Bonnie went through that season was because she had refused to open up the vault - after learning that there was some kind of dark magic inside it. However, because of the deal Damon had made with the Armory - in exchange for their help in killing Rayna's vampires - Bonnie was forced to open it up and, what came out of it killed every single Armory agent.

As if redeeming himself for all the terrible things he had done in his life, Damon made the ultimate sacrifice and entered the vault alone. After figuring out that Damon had sacrificed himself so that he and Bonnie could be together, Enzo went to the Armory and into the vault to try to rescue Damon but, as it turned out, he was a little too late. Damon had already been possessed by whatever was in the vault and Enzo, sadly, was next.

Right now this bromance has gone full circle, with Damon and Enzo going on a rampant together and spreading the vault's evil onto the world. Season 8 will, no doubt, bring these friends more ups and downs before The Vampire Diaries airs its final episode, but here's to hoping all that Damon and Enzo have been through hasn't been in vain and that their bromance may prevail in the end.

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