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Antoine Fuqua's upcoming remake of The Magnificent Seven (1960) hasn't even hit cinemas yet but according to Deadline, the director could helm yet another retelling of a classic movie, and this time, it has nothing to do with six shooters and the old West. Check out the trailer for The Magnificent Seven below:

If negotiations go as planned, Universal may be able to get Antoine Fuqua to direct the remake of the 1983 gangland classic Scarface — the gangster movie that solidified Al Pacino's acting career and legacy.

Tony Lives On

Scarface may be decades old, but its impact is still felt today, with it constantly popping up in peoples' list of favorite crime films and with other movies still quoting Tony Montana's (Al Pacino) defiant boast about his AR-15's grenade launcher.

To some people's surprise, Scarface is actually a remake of a 1932 black-and-white film of the same name. Even if the original Scarface took place in 1920's Chicago while its '80s remake found itself in Miami, they were essentially the same story about the rise and fall of an over-ambitious gangster but with multiple thematic updates and changes to accommodate their respective decade's concerns.

'Scarface' in different decades
'Scarface' in different decades

Though the script has gone through many drafts and writers including David Ayer (Suicide Squad), the revised plot of Scarface is rumored to follow a Mexican immigrant as he follows his American Dream when he makes it to Miami. All unfortunate implications aside, Universal's plans for Scarface currently seem to be a beat-for-beat retreading of Brian de Palma's remake, right down to the Miami setting.

With the finalized script coming from Jonathan Herman — the writer of Straight Outta Compton and the upcoming Ghost in the Shell — and no director currently attached to the project, only time will tell if Universal and its chosen creators will change the story to further distinguish the new Scarface from its previous incarnations.

Third Time's The Charm

Should Antoine Fuqua accept Universal's offer, this will be the second time the The Equalizer (2014) director will take charge of an old movie's third vision. Fuqua's The Magnificent Seven is already the third official version of Akira Kurosawa's samurai epic The Seven Samurai (1954), with the first The Magnificent Seven from 1960 being the second retelling.

'The Seven Samurai' (1954) through the years
'The Seven Samurai' (1954) through the years

While the prospect of seeing another Antoine Fuqua crime movie is enticing especially given that his best film, Training Day, stems from the said genre, it is concerning to see that when major studios are not making superhero movies or shared universes, they're busy remaking classics that are considered to be untouchable. From a new Ben-Hur (2016) that looks more like The Fast and the Furious than a period piece to an Eli Roth directed remake of Death Wish (1974) starring Bruce Willis, any movie that had a modicum of pop culture relevance in the day is getting a modern remake treatment and Scarface is apparently not exempt from that rule.

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Whether or not Antoine Fuqua will direct the next Scarface, it's unfair to judge the movie before it even gets off the drawing board because there are some well-done remakes that have gone on to surpass their original counterparts, such as James Mangold's 3:10 to Yuma and the Coen Brothers' True Grit. If given the chance, maybe this new Scarface will define this decade's crime movie as the Al Pacino starring vehicle did in its time, or maybe it will fail as badly as the Robocop remake that everyone asked for.

Your face after seeing the new 'Robocop'
Your face after seeing the new 'Robocop'

Until a trailer makes it to the internet or when more news from Universal comes out, it's best to wait for more information about the new Scarface that should be judged by its own merits, even if its mere existence has many people rightfully concerned.

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