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Matt LeBlanc took part in a TCA panel promoting his new show Man With A Plan in LA yesterday and, in addition to discussing his work on the new CBS show, he got all soppy about his time with the Friends cast — especially Matthew Perry. He told reporters that they see each the other all the time. It just so happens that the TV stage where Perry films The Odd Couple is right next to where LeBlanc is currently working. Oh hey there, neighbor!

LeBlanc told the Television Critics Association that he could never lose the bond he shares with Perry:

"I could not see him for five years, and then put me in a room with him, and it will be like I saw him yesterday. We still have this shorthand with one another. It’s amazing, really. Ten years in a building with no windows, with the door locked, we got to know each other pretty well."

How sweet! Although he does manage to make the set of Friends sound much like like a prison cell. LeBlanc remained diplomatic and included the rest of the cast too, saying just how great their friendship is and it's all due to the show we all love.

This is not the first time the cast has shared just how much they love and care for one another. Let's look back at all the times the cast were — wait for it — friends.

1. The One Where They Grow Old Together

Even after all these years, the cast is reportedly always happy to see each other, especially if it means coming together to celebrate and honor the writers and directors of their legendary show.

They repeatedly work together on projects and we just love it when they do. It's like no time has passed, and we can still hold on to the prospect that show never ended — not in our hearts, anyway.

In the tweet above, LeBlanc fueled our longing for a reunion. It seems even the cast would like the show back, if only for a special. It would be great to see what the characters are up to after all these years. I don't doubt that it would be great fun for the cast to hang out in Central Perk again, too.

2. The One Where They Support Each Other's Work

Matthew Perry stared in Lisa Kudrow's hit series Web Therapy. It's great to see that they support each other's projects outside of Friends. They probably learned all about that from the theme song; have a listen, sing along, don't blame us if you get stuck in a Friends marathon though.


Kudrow just throws out some love to LeBlanc in the tweet above. Sweet! Why oh why didn't Phoebe and Joey happen? He could have been her lobster.

In an alternate universe they definitely got it on.

This time it's Joey watching Chandler in a play. It's great to see them all so willing to take time out to catch up and see what they are all up to now.

Don't mess with the Friends cast! And check out David Schwimmer running to Jennifer Aniston's rescue in the above tweet. It's like Ross helping her do laundry all over again.

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3. The One Where They Say 'I Do'

NBC Studios
NBC Studios

Courtney Cox was Jennifer Aniston's Maid of Honor at her wedding to Justin Theroux, and was reportedly that last guest standing, according to People magazine. Jennifer Aniston was very supportive around the time of Cox's divorce from Arquette, and acted a confidant and emotional rock to Courtney during the particularly difficult time, according to Glamour magazine. Aniston is also godmother to Cox's daughter, Coco.

We just love knowing all these guys are all such loving and supportive friends. Who would have thought that 22 years ago one pilot would be the basis of such great friendships?

Who's your favorite Friend? Let us know below.

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