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Yep, that's right, folks! To promote her latest album, Glory, which drops on August 26th, Britney Spears is joining James Corden to belt her sweet heart out on The Late Late Show's Carpool Karaoke and we literally could not be more pumped.

Anyone who has watched her 2002 movie Crossroads — and if you haven't, sort it out — knows that this is one diva who can groove in a moving vehicle.

But what else could we expect to see from this glorious and undoubtedly soon to be viral TV appearance? I've plucked out five ideas From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart, some of which could happen, most of which probably won't, but hey, a girl can dream. Starting with the most obvious, here's what we'd like to see on Britney's Carpool Karaoke:

1. Epic Tunes

Duh, I know. But still, I'm picturing James Corden belting out classics like "Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman" (would be amazing, right?) alongside serious party vibes like "Toxic" and "Piece of Me." They better Work it B**ch, is all I'm sayin'.

2. A Cameo From Justin Timberlake Or Madonna

OK, so those those examples are never going to happen, but could it be so far fetched to expect some of her collaborators to make an appearance? Michelle Obama did get a visit from Missy Elliott in her Carpool Karaoke, after all. Maybe Snoop Dogg could shoot hoops in the back seat, like he did in the video for "Outrageous," or a bit of Will.I.Am to make us "Scream & Shout"? Hell, even P!nk and Beyonce singing "We Will Rock You" and sipping on some ice cool Pepsi a la that TV commercial, would more than suffice.

See Also:

3. A Few Outfit Changes

I'm thinking red pleather leotards, perhaps a schoolgirl or air steward outfit, and maybe a few slithery snake-like accessories.

4. Some Inspirational Quotes

Anyone who follows Ms. Spears on Instagram will know she's full of wisdom:

5. An Array Of Bonkers Facial Expressions

Like the ones she busted out on the regular on X Factor USA that, let's be honest, were the highlight of the show.

Britney's Carpool Karaoke airs August 25th on The Late Late Show.

What Britney tracks would you love to hear belted out during her carpool session?


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