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Our beloved Wolverine, Hugh Jackman, has caused a bit of a storm on Instagram this week. When the Hollywood star uploaded a picture of himself on the social media platform seated before a big haul of crispy fish, a flurry of comments flocked in expressing concern for his unusually haggard appearance.

"You look absolutely knackerd, get some sleep buddy," wrote user TooManyKiddies, a concern many others voiced:

"His eyes looks like he hasn't slept well or he's sick take care Mr Jackman"

"Sir, are you sick? You look weak in this picture.."

"What's wrong with you."

"OMG Hugh Jackman got really old really fast "

Though Jackman clearly looks years older than his 47 years in the picture, a quick scroll through his recent posts shows that the dude is obviously still fighting fit; so fit in fact that we're pretty convinced he's covered in make-up and merely giving us a first glimpse at what we can expect from his character in Wolverine 3.

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A bunch of backstage set photos that leaked courtesy of Just Jared last month revealed our fist look of Jackman and Patrick Stewart — who stars as Professor Xavier — in the upcoming sequel and showed the pair looking far older than they have in previous X-Men movie outings. So, with the addition of the "worrisome" Instagram post, we can pretty much conclude that the next installment will at least be partially based on the Old Man Logan comic book narrative.

The Old Man Logan arc takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, 50 years into the future of the Marvel Universe, and depicts an aged Wolverine as he embarks on a cross-country adventure, and a perilous one at that. This is a land where villains reign supreme in a time when most protectors were mercilessly obliterated.

Want to know more about Old Man Logan? Check out this comprehensive guide to the character, courtesy of Movie Pilot.

And, to get you pumped for Wolverine 3 — which still sadly won't claw its way onto screens until March 2017 — why not revisit 2013's The Wolverine? Nothing like a bit of Jackson flashing the talons to get you in the mood for more!

Do you think Hugh Jackman's Instagram post is a first glimpse of Old Man Logan?


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