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It's always a fan's dream to come face to face with their idol and for one lucky girl this dream became a reality. Sophie from Sydney, Australia is a self proclaimed super fan, even venturing to Dallas to see her hero, Selena Gomez. Australian radio station hosts Kyle and Jackie O worked with Selena to give Sophie the surprise of her life. Kyle and Jackie O asked Sophie to film a fan video that they would show to Selena. What Sophie didn't know was that Selena would sneak into her bedroom while she was filming her fan tape. Watch the video below to see how touching the moment is:

So very cool! I'm sure Sophie will remember this for the rest of her life. But this is not the first time that Selena has gone out of her way to show her fans how much she loves them. Check out some of her most thoughtful moments below:

1. Selena Apologizes To Her Fans

Gomez, realizing that she missed meeting a fan, took to Twitter to apologize. What a lovely gesture!

2. Selena Is Thankful To Her Fans

Little messages like this from Selena to her fans mean the world to them. Sometimes it's the smallest things that matter the most.

3. Selena Showers Fans With Attention

This video is super cute, with Selena giving this little girl, Audrey, all her attention and allowing her to star in her very own Selena Gomez video.

4. Selena Appreciates Her Fans

Selena treats her fans well and they treat her well in return. In the post above, a fan took the time out to get flowers to Selena after she got sick. No doubt the fans were overjoyed to see just how thankful Gomez was.

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5. Selena Shares The Love With Her Fans

Selena greets a fan with a great big hug. Gomez is especially careful to spend time with her youngest fans, as they look up to her so much.

After a long show where Selena has been belting out the tunes and dancing so hard she could give Beyoncé a run for her money, you would think all she would want to do is curl up and go to sleep. Gomez however, knows that her fans are waiting to see her at the stage-door and she never let's them down:

Keep doing what you're doing, Selena. It's great to see a global superstar staying humble and remaining grateful to the fans that put her where she is today.

Have you ever met your celebrity idol?


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