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Major Suicide Squad spoilers ahead. You know the drill.

Sometimes superhero movies take a risk and kill off a member of the team. More often than not, everyone survives — but that's not a status quo Suicide Squad could afford to maintain. This is a team built on the very premise that anybody could die at any time, and the three major deaths of David Ayer's movie succeeded in translating that sense of danger and unpredictability to the DCEU.

A new theory posted on Reddit, though, poses the question of whether one member of the squad who did survive was actually intended to die in Ayer's original cut of the movie, before the well-publicized reshoots which ultimately turned Suicide Squad into a very different beast...

A Reptilian Reprieve

The Redditor those70sfans spotted some pretty strong evidence suggesting Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) was all set to end the movie six feet under, alongside fellow squaddies Slipknot and El Diablo.

Another soul taken? (DC/Warner Bros.)
Another soul taken? (DC/Warner Bros.)

Around 1:44 into the film's second trailer (set to 'Bohemian Rhapsody'), we see a brief shot of a shirtless Killer Croc attacking Katana (click here for the exact moment). In the 'Blitz' trailer, Katana is seen absorbing a soul into her sword, the Soultaker, clearly inferring that she just killed somebody.

The theory imagines that Croc was possessed by Enchantress in the movie's original cut, presumably right at the moment in which she offers the team the chance to join her in return for awarding them with their greatest desires. Croc's desire is probably to be beautiful — that joke he made at the bar was the only one of several references to his appearance that didn't end up on the shockingly long list of deleted scenes, so it's not much of a stretch to imagine that he originally had a stronger character arc involving his self-acceptance struggle which was later destroyed in the edit.

Many of the reshoots centered on the face-off between Enchantress and the Squad in the subway station (for instance, in the original cut the Joker revealed himself to have survived the helicopter crash by coming to extradite Harley, only to be told she'd rather stay with her friends), so it seems at this point Ayer or somebody else had decided to switch Croc's arc by keeping him on the side of Task Force X. That explains why he goes underwater to detonate the bomb instead of fighting alongside the team, and why we never actually see Katana claim a life with her sword despite the trailers teasing exactly that.

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Did Ayer really need to give Croc the "nice guy" treatment? His comedic moments got some big laughs at my screening (I particularly loved that he got to watch BET in his cell with a few bottles of liquor on the shelf), but it might've been a more interesting dynamic if a member of Task Force X had turned on his teammates, and paid the price. It would also have given Katana something to do, whereas you could remove her from the final cut altogether and nobody would even notice.

In another deleted scene, Croc allegedly vomits some half-digested goat in front of an audience of Navy SEALs — and then wolfs it down again. I seriously hope we get to see that on the Blu-ray. It does suggest Croc was once envisioned as a much more gruesome monster, which fits with his original betrayal of the squad.

So what have we learned today? Nothing much, beyond the well-established fact that the Suicide Squad which hit theaters last weekend could easily have been a more cutthroat movie. Check out the full Reddit thread right here. Credit goes to those70sfans for connecting the dots. Check out all of the Joker's cut scenes in the video below, then tell me...

Should Croc Have Remained A Traitor, Or Did Ayer's Edit Redeem The Reptile?


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