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19 year-old gold medalist Simone Biles stopped by The Ellen Show back in March to chat about all the exciting things coming up in her young life — a.k.a. the 2016 Summer Olympics — and ended up revealing she's just like every normal teenage girl out there. Ellen discovered Simone's ultimate celebrity crush was none other than High School Musical star Zac Efron.

Ellen then presented Simone with a new leotard covered in photos of Efron's beloved face. Simone's reaction was absolutely adorbs, but the fun doesn't stop there. Back in July, Efron tweeted Simone wishing her the best of luck in the Rio Olympics — and Simone just about died. No amount of OMGs were enough to convey how much Simone was freaking out after her idol had acknowledged her existence.

It just so happens Zac Efron was so excited for Simone and Team USA, he couldn't help but send them a little love before they ultimately went on to win a Gold Medal! I'm not saying Zac Efron was Team USA's good luck charm but, I mean, if he tweeted me this picture before the biggest event in my career, I think I'd have it in the bag.

Okay, this could be the cutest thing to come out the the Olympics so far. However, Simone isn't the only Olympian to admit her celebrity crush to the world. See which celebs some of the top Olympians have an eye for below:

Ryan Lochte

Olympian swimmer Ryan Lochte revealed he had a major crush on Ryan Reynolds' wife Blake Lively. Ryan, you may be an Olympian swimmer, but no amount of medal can protect you from Deadpool's wrath when he finds out you are eyeing his lady.

Missy Franklin

@MissyFranklin's Twitter.
@MissyFranklin's Twitter.

Missy Franklin is currently competing in the 2016 Olympics in swimming, but no doubt the 2012 Olympics will always be her favorite. Missy's celeb crush, Justin Bieber, actually sent her a personal video after she won in London in 2012. To top it off, she even finally met him. I'm sure she is loving her medals, but I'll bet Justin Bieber's video to her sits on the shelf right next to them for all to see.

Chas Guldemond

Olympic Snowboarder Chas Guldemond may be married, but he has a sweet spot for pop-star Rihanna. He told E! News that his wife is totally OK with his little crush, and that if he were to pick a man crush as well, it would be Sylvester Stallone. Same, Chas. Same.

Speaking of man crushes, add Justin Timberlake freaking out over Michael Phelps to the list. Like everyone else in the nation, Justin Timberlake has a total crush on USA's most decorated fish — I mean Olympian — and he took to Twitter to tell the world.

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio has been one huge love fest between Olympians and our favorite celebrities, and fans are loving it. Congratulations to all the 2016 Olympic Champions so far, and on with the games!

Check out Zac Efron in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates:

Who's your favorite celebrity crush? Tell us in the comments, we can keep a secret ;-)

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