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Hail Mary, it is finally happening. The Arrow-verse is having a musical episode. The Flash and Supergirl creator Greg Berlanti confirmed to the Television Critics Association that they are in fact planning a musical crossover episode between The Flash and Supergirl for the upcoming fall season.

This 100% makes sense given that each show's leads — Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist — once co-starred together on Fox's musical comedy Glee showcasing their amazing vocal skills. It also makes sense that Arrow is not included in the mix, as the show takes on a darker more serious tone than its spin-offs.

Berlanti mentioned that the songs for the musical crossover event won't be original, but will be pre-existing. Also the episode will "likely involve being inside a character's mind." I would like to say that as an avid musical theater fan as well as Arrow-verse fan, I am freaking out internally right now. Will a musically inclined meta-human turn Central City into Broadway? The opportunities are endless.

Fans' call for an Arrow-verse musical was likely spawned from the WB's (now CW) widely beloved musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The episode became a cult classic and was rated as one of its best episodes ever. In fact, some of the biggest fan-favorite episodes on TV have been musicals surprisingly. Here's a look at a few of my favorite musical TV episodes (in no particular order):

That '70s Show — 'That '70s Musical'

The '70s Show musical was an episode spent in a character's mind — much like The Flash plans to do. Fez, starring in the school musical worries that his beloved friends won't come to see him shine, and daydreams into songs like "Shake Your Grove Thing."

Batman: The Brave And The Bold — 'Mayhem Of The Music Meister!'

The animated DC Comics series brought in none other than musical star Neil Patrick Harris to sing as the Music Meister who uses his gift of song to control people and take over the world. Batman and Black Canary save the day using her sonic scream to drown the Meister out! How great would it be if the CW cast NPH as the live-action Music Meister?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer — 'Once More With Feeling'

Buffy and her band of vampire fighting friends suddenly find themselves unable to communicate in anything but song. This leads to some hilarity as Spike sings his love for Buffy, Buffy sings her despair as the savior of the world, and all Hell literally breaks loose.

Xena: Warrior Princess — 'The Bitter Suite'

Turns out Lucy Lawless has some pipes! "The Bitter Suite" was the second musical episode of Xena, but definitely the best of the two. The episode saw Xena and Gabrielle mending their thought-to-be-irreparable rift when they are accidentally sent to a magical land called Illusia. Thankfully, the two besties a.k.a. lovers find their way back to each other through song.

How I Met Your Mother — 'Girls Vs. Suits'

How I Met Your Mother wasn't even going to try to get with not using Neil Patrick Harris's well-known musical talents. In "Girls vs. Suits" Barney crooned about how he would always choose his beloved couture suits over a hot chick any day. Oh, Barney.

Grey's Anatomy — 'Song Beneath The Song'

In the seventh season of Grey's Anatomy, the show spiced things up and aired a musical episode. Grey's is certainly not the first show you'd think of to try and pull this off, and while it wasn't too well-received it made for some fun moments — like the cast singing the theme song while performing surgery. Fun tidbit: The show's Sara Ramirez is actually a well-seasoned Broadway star too.

Community — 'Regional Holiday Music'

In one of the best episodes of the fan-favorite series, the Community cast comes together to make Abed's Christmas wish come true. Abed sits at home watching the Inspector Spacetime Holiday Special wishing his friends could spend Christmas with him. A plan to get the study group members to join the glee club soon unfolds with a multitude of musical comedy numbers, Abed's wish coming true.

Scrubs — 'My Musical'

The Scrubs musical was divided into acts much like a real musical, and it was amazing. In numbers reminiscent of famed musicals like Grease, the cast guides through an epic episode via the hallucinations of a patient in need of surgery named Ms. Miller. She imagines the staff singing through her ordeal, and it makes for some surprisingly touching moments.

If these episodes can't convince you how fun a Flash/Supergirl musical crossover will be, I don't know what will! Musical episodes have the ability push a show to its creative limits and keep audiences engaged. Even the best TV shows can get redundant and bland so it's important for networks to be game for anything to keep it on the air.

The Flash and Supergirl both have perfect tones to fit in a musical episode, and my guess is this will launch even more edgy seasons for the Arrow-verse to come. Bravo to Berlanti and team for taking the risk, my gut says it will pay off. Plus, I am just so excited to see Grant and Melissa sing together again!

Do you think an Arrow-verse musical is a good idea? Comment your thoughts!


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