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News Just In! CBS Set To Continue The Big Bang Theory Beyond Season 10

You can hear a big sigh of relief coming from fans across the world right now as CBS has said they intend to keep The Big Bang Theory on air until fans get tired of it. Fans were left in shock when they found out that the seven main stars of the unstoppable CBS comedy sitcom all had contracts that lasted until Season 10, which is weeks away from premiering. Glenn Geller who is the boss at CBS explained this at the 2016 TCA Summer Press Tour:

"We are very confident that everyone involved wants more 'Big Bang' past year 10 and I know Warner Bros. will make those deals. We'll put it on for as long as everyone wants 'Big Bang' on air. I hope it lasts forever."

It's been confirmed that The Big Bang Theory is one of television's highest-rated shows of all time. Season 9 of the show came in second place with an average of 20.36 million viewers. The show itself was originally renewed for a total of three seasons back in 2014, with new deals for the main three lead actors. An astonishing $1m is given to Jim Parson, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco per episode of the show. However, the remaining lead stars of the show — Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik — all get a pay check of around $500,000 per episode. Nina Tassler, the former CBS Entertainment Chairman, explained this in a statement when the show was renewed for three new seasons in 2014:

"Comedy is a big part of our schedule and 'The Big Bang Theory' is the biggest comedy force on television. This multi-year deal further strengthens our network's position for the future seasons and marks another chapter in the great partnership CBS enjoys with Warner Bros. television for delivering audiences the best in comedy. We're proud to work with and showcase the incredible talents of Chuck Lorre, Steven Molaro and this amazing cast every week."
Sheldon's Excitement...
Sheldon's Excitement...

Millions of fans out there are super excited for Season 10 to hit their screens on Monday, September 19th, but it's likely fans are now even more excited for Season 11 to get into production and onto their screens as soon as possible. With Season 11 looking highly likely, what is next after that? We still don't know if the stars' contracts will get renewed for only Season 11 or perhaps even longer — who knows?


Should 'The Big Bang Theory' Continue Into Season 11?


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