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Until now, all we've known about a Bad Boys sequel is that both Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are eager to return and that Joe Carnahan is set to direct. There's never been any confidence or confirmation that the film will ACTUALLY happen — until now. In a tweet from Exhibitor Relations, we have a new title for Bad Boys 3 and a release date:

Personally, I'm not a gigantic Bad Boys fan, I enjoy the films for the chemistry between Smith and Lawrence, but that's about it. But even I — when hearing the title Bad Boys For Life — can't help but get a little more than excited.

We also see that the release has been changed from Summer 2017 to January 12th, 2018. January used to be the dumping ground for movies and a January release would formally be looked at as a big warning sign, but recently, bigger and better movies have been moving up in the year to take advantage of the empty weekends.

Although I am a Michael Bay fan and still have faith in him as a filmmaker (largely in part to 13 Hours), I am happy to see that Joe Carnahan is still on board as the director.

If you were a fan of the chase scene in Bad Boys 2, then check out some more badass car chases in the Movie Pilot original video below:

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