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Comedy legend Robin Williams has been honored today by several of his former colleagues and friends, two years after he committed suicide.

Matt Damon, who co-starred with Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting, the movie that Damon wrote with his best friend Ben Affleck and subsequently snagged Best Screenplay honors at the Academy Awards in 1998.

Damon said that he and his family went to the park bench where Damon and Williams filmed the famously powerful scene recently, and Damon spent some time reflecting about his former co-star, whom he recalled with great fondness.

Matt Haig, author of the book, Reasons to Stay Alive, criticized those who condemned Williams for having committed suicide. He noted that some might feel a bit more hopeless in the wake of the death of someone who seemed so bright and invigorating.

“And if the clowns — the people there to cope with the process of existing — find it too hard, then what is the hope for the rest of us?” he asked, according to Time.

Haig also noted that depressed people will very often try to be something other than what they appear for a range of reasons, but said that people who were eager to condemn the comedian for having taken his own life should reconsider:

"It is worth remembering that suicide is a symptom of an illness. The illness is called depression. People die from other illnesses and it is not called selfish. Also, depression is one of those illnesses that doesn’t care about your bank balance or your nice house or the Oscar you keep in your bathroom. Depression is not a movie. It is not always "about" something. it is also something that can be invisible."

Robin Williams's daughter Zelda said she would be taking another break from social media following the anniversary of her father's suicide, something she hadn't done since the comedian passed in 2014.

"I'll be excusing myself for a bit," she said, according to Entertainment Tonight. "Hearts just need little breaks sometimes!"

She also expressed her continued gratitude for the honors people continued to express for her father, saying that she was "grateful for all the love." She added, though, that sometimes it wasn't so easy to be able to express that gratitude well.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played Robin Williams's daughter in The Crazy Ones, Williams's last project on the small screen, also honored her on-screen father.

She also shared a shot of the two of them sharing a platonic kiss on Instagram. She captioned it with the quote, "Time is the best teacher, but unfortunately, it kills all of its students," which she attributed to Robin Williams, but in reality was first spoken by French composer Hector Berlioz.

In addition to the honors bestowed on Robin Williams on the second anniversary of his death, his film Hook also celebrated its 25th anniversary recently, complete with a reunion of that film's Lost Boys, who also discussed what it was like to have worked with the actor.

One can only hope Robin Williams continues to rest easily.

Let's pay tribute to the man who filled us with laughter by remembering the roles we loved most:


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