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Today, August 26th, the Teen Wolf and Maze Runner star Dylan O'Brien turns 25. In celebration of that, here are 25 of the many things we, his fans, love about Dylan O'Brien and 25 reasons why everyone else should love him too.

1. His Smile

That smile can make you grin from ear to ear even when you're feeling your worst. Don't believe me? Just ask his many fans who are all the proof you need.

2. His Laugh

That adorable and goofy laugh is contagious!

3. How Humble He Is

One thing Dylan's fans admire most about him is how humble and human he is, especially when it comes to his fame and celeb. All he wants to do is what he loves...

"I just want to work with good filmmakers and do good projects that mean something to me and play interesting characters. That's really it."

...which is acting.

4. How Funny He Is

Apart from being insanely funny on screen, Dylan is a regular comedian off as well.

Sometimes without even trying.

5. His Dancing

Sometimes it's like Dylan is never not dancing. Whether it's behind the scenes,

at Comic-Con,

during an interview or even on the red carpet,

you will always find him busting a move.

6, How Much He Loves His Fans

No matter what, no matter where, Dylan will never disappoint his fans. Whether it's running off the stage at Comic-Con to console a fan who's crying,

signing an autograph or posing for a picture — be it at the airport, the supermarket, the bowling alley and even while he's on holiday.

Whereas most celebs prefer to avoid huge crowds of fans clamoring for a picture or autograph, Dylan chooses to give his fans what they want. He always does all he can to make his fans happy.

7. What An Amazing Actor He Is

From Stiles Stilinski to Thomas,

to Stuart to Caleb Holloway. He's played the hero and he's played the villain.

Dylan can act out all different kinds of genres. He's already got comedy, drama, action, romance and the supernatural down.

"Dylan's awesome, man. He's very versatile. I seldom do meet someone that funny and that good at drama too." — Will Poulter

Everyone who's worked with him agrees that he is an incredibly talented, and dedicated actor:

"Dylan is, without a doubt, one of the finest actors I've ever worked with." — Linden Ashby

Each and every single role he plays is played to perfection with all the passion he has.

8. How Dedicated He Is

Starring in both a TV show and a movie series isn't easy, but Dylan has managed to fulfill his duties to both Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner series flawlessly for the past four years.

"He's an amazing leader. I've never seen an actor work so hard on set. Ever. The amount of hours the kid did was just insane. He ended everyday bloody, battered, bruised, muddy, sweaty. But he could walk away everyday knowing he put in 100 percent." — Will Poulter

Even though it's dangerous, Dylan is committed to doing his own stunts, and doing them well.

"Dylan, he's one of the most hardworking men in show business." — Dexter Darden

He's gone above and beyond to give every role he plays 100 percent!

9. What A Great Drummer He Is

Before he was an actor, he was a kick-ass drummer in a band called Slow Kids at Play. Even now,

he still is an awesome drummer.

10. His Goofiness

No matter what he does, Dylan always add a a touch of his goofy self to it. It's part of what makes him unique.

11. How He Can Rock Any Hairstyle

Be it a buzz cut, long hair, or even a scruffy look, Dylan has mastered it all. That man could shave his head and still look good.

12. How Awkward He Is

As Dylan always says, he's an awkward turtle.

That's including social media awkward as well.

Despite being a famous actor watched by millions, Dylan is still very shy,

and he gets nervous a lot. Then again, don't we all?

13. How Weird He Is

Dylan is probably the best kind of weird there is.

14. How Adorable He Is

Dylan is still just a cute little kid on the inside.

15. Moviekidd826

Before he was Dylan O'Brien, star of Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner, he was the star of his own hilarious videos on YouTube, going by the name moviekidd826. This is where his passion for directing and acting grew, and what got him noticed by a producer and director, and the rest is history.

16. What A Romantic He Is

Dylan is a true romantic at heart, even from his YouTube days as moviekidd826,

and especially when it comes to his girlfriend Britt Robertson.

He always supports the things and people he loves the best he can.

17. How Inspiring He Is

The story of how Dylan started out, and how he continues to be such a genuinely good person is truly an inspirational one. Dylan keeps telling his fans to be themselves — because that's exactly what he's done — and look at him now.

18. His Amazing Advice

He may be only 25, but he is wise beyond his years. Dylan has given a lot of amazing advice without even realizing it. Some of his quotes make for some great lessons.

19. His Strength

Dylan once said, "Be strong. Be fearless. Be passionate," and he himself is all those things. No matter what challenges he faces, or what he has to endure, he remains strong, steadfast and determined. As his co-stars say, he is one tough cookie.

20. His Kindness

He's got a heart of gold this one. According to Kaya Scodelario, Dylan is the kind one from The Scorch Trials cast members.

21. How Much He Loves The Mets

Certain things in life are set in stone, and one of those things is that Dylan O'Brien is a diehard Mets fan. He is fully dedicated to his favorite baseball team.

He is truly a long-suffering Mets fan.

22. What A Great Son And Brother He Is

Dylan has an amazing relationship with his parents Lisa and Patrick,

and his older sister Julia.

Dylan's love for filmmaking and acting first came from his parents who both worked in the film industry. The heartfelt tweets between Dylan and his parents are just too cute!

23. What A Great Friend He Is

Anyone who is friends with Dylan should consider themselves lucky.

"He's a great, great, great human, very loyal to me. We love each other, the love goes deep, deep, deep. He's just the best. So loyal, so loving, so caring." — Tyler Posey

Dylan is a very loyal, caring and insanely fun BFF.

24. How Good Looking He Is

He's the perfect mix of hot and cute.

25. He's Never Afraid To Be Himself

Dylan hasn't let the world of Hollywood and fame intimidate or change him. He remains down to earth, and no matter what or where, he always stays true to his goofy, awkward self.

"Dylan is just like, he's just constant, he's never changing, he's always very much who he is." — Tyler Hoechlin

There's plenty more where that came from, but for now, that's enough. If you didn't love him before, you should now.

You will never find anyone even remotely like Dylan O'Brien anywhere else. There's no one who cares the way he does, loves the way he does, makes the kind of impression he does or makes people happy the way he does. He is a real unique treasure. He is one of a kind!

Happy 25th Birthday Dylan O'Brien!

Good luck with everything you will achieve in the future. We are all so very proud of you. Your fans love and support you and we'll be there the whole way.

Stay strong. Stay fearless. Stay passionate.


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