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How much do you envy Donald Glover right now? Just a couple of months after being cast in an unknown, potentially-villainous role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, the actor and musician is apparently the favorite to be cast in a major role in Star Wars' upcoming Han Solo spin-off. This guy is basically playing out every childhood dream you ever had.

Birth Movies Death claims that Glover, whose most iconic role to date was Troy Barnes in five seasons of sitcom Community, is in pole position to play a young Lando Calrissian. Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the duo directing the Han Solo anthology movie (and also writing the story of DC's The Flash), allegedly want Glover for young Lando — and in most cases like this, directors' casting preferences win out. As a certified nerd, are you really going to say no to a role in a Star Wars movie?

Lord and Miller's first preference for Han Solo was the relatively-unknown Alden Ehrenreich, and his casting was confirmed earlier this Summer, so you could say the omens for Glover are pretty good right now. It's not locked down, though, so don't get too excited just yet.

(And yes, that face-merge posted above is quite disturbing.)

What Do We Know About Young Lando?

You can't tell the story of Han Solo without Lando Calrissian. These two men were getting into trouble together long, long before The Empire Strikes Back, first having crossed paths sometime during their youth when Lando was a notorious gambler and Han became his mentor in the art of piloting a ship.

'Star Wars: Shattered Empire' (Marvel)
'Star Wars: Shattered Empire' (Marvel)

That backstory is no longer canon, of course, so it's probably wiser to look to the recent (post-Disney) Star Wars fiction for any hints about how young Lando might factor into his friend's solo movie. In Shattered Empire, he and Han briefly cross paths with Shara Bey, the A-wing pilot who makes a name for herself during the Battle of Endor. Bey is looking for her husband, but Lando can't resist flirtatiously complimenting her superior piloting skills.

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The twist in the tale? Bey's husband is one Kes Dameron, meaning Han and Lando had a connection with Poe's parents. That's not just a cool novelty — it also opens the possibility that we might learn more about Poe Dameron's beginnings in Han Solo's spin-off. By exploring the previously-untold histories of some of our favorite characters on-screen, Star Wars can shed light on what's to come in the present-day timeline of Star Wars 8.

Until then, Glover's possible casting is reason enough to get a ticket for the hype express.

Source: BirthMoviesDeath

Rogue One arrives in theaters December 16, followed by Episode VIII on December 15, 2017 and the young Han Solo spin-off on May 25, 2018.


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