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Once again, it looks like Barry Allen might not be the Fastest Man Alive after all, despite making that rather bold claim every single week in the opening credits of The Flash.

Cocky, loveable bastard. [Via CW]
Cocky, loveable bastard. [Via CW]

Amidst all of the recent announcements/spoilers CW have shared for each of their four superhero shows, executive producer Todd Helbing revealed that the evil speedster Savitar will join Dr Alchemy as the second Big Bad on Season Three of The Flash.

Savitar burst onto our screens in the sixth episode of The Flash Season 3, but we still have a lot of questions about The Flash's latest nemesis. Never fear — we're here to dust off some of our favorite Flash comics and give you the low-down on why Savitar could be Barry's most dangerous foe on the show yet.

What's Savitar's Origin Story?

[Via DC Comics]
[Via DC Comics]

First appearing in comics from 1995, Savitar started out as a Cold War pilot who worked for a third-world nation. On one fateful day, as is often the case, Savitar's experimental supersonic fighter jet was struck by lightning during a test run, granting him super speed.

Savitar then named himself after the Hindu god of motion (presumably because Flash was taken), and proceeded to develop a cult of speedsters that he could command at will. Along the way, Savitar fought a number of speedsters in the comics, including Johnny Quick, Max Mercury and Wally West, who was wearing the Flash mantle at the time.

What's Savitar Current Status In The Comics?

[Via DC Comics]
[Via DC Comics]

During the Flash Rebirth mini-series, Savitar escaped the Speed Force where he was previously trapped. However, when a recently resurrected Barry Allen touched him, the villain suddenly disintegrated, leaving just a broken skeleton behind.

It turns out that Reverse Flash changed the dynamics of the Speed Force, imbuing Barry with a kind of death touch that killed speedsters instantly — because, comics.

Poor Savitar hasn't returned since, but now that DC has reset their continuity with Rebirth (not to be confused with Flash Rebirth — damn you comics!), there's a chance that the villainous speedster could return soon to coincide with his debut on the CW network.

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

What Are Savitar's Powers Exactly?

[Via DC Comics]
[Via DC Comics]

After being struck by lightning, Savitar dedicated his life to uncovering the secrets of the Speed Force, unlocking new abilities that were unaccessible to other speedsters at the time.

During his studies, Savitar discovered that in addition to the usual abilities that super-speed granted, the cult leader could also heal his injuries almost instantly and give or take speed from both objects and people. Furthermore, Savitar can also protect himself through a null-inertia force field, which is presumably why he doesn't feel the need to wear a shirt while running around and creating all of that friction.

Forensic science kind of seems like a waste of time now, doesn't it Barry?

Why Will Savitar Be Barry's Greatest Enemy Yet?

[Via DC Comics]
[Via DC Comics]

Savitar isn't one of the most famous Rogues in Barry's Gallery, and his dated appearance in the comics could downplay his impact if the show plays it by the book. But Savitar's abilities could make him more formidable than Reverse Flash and Zoom combined.

The ability to create a force field undoubtedly gives Savitar an edge over previous speedsters the Flash has fought, but what will make Savitar truly unstoppable is his ability to create a cult of super-fast henchmen who follow his every command.

Barry struggled to defeat one speedster at a time in previous seasons. How on earth is he expected to take on an entire army of super-fast villains, even with the help of Kid Flash and Jesse Quick?

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Check out the promo for Season 3, Episode 6, which contains the debut of Savitar:

While the CW continue to spill secrets faster than the Flash on Velocity 9, the network still haven't revealed who's playing Savitar yet in Season 3, despite him finally making an appearance on the show this week. Whether that's because he doesn't look even remotely human right now or whether The CW want to keep this under wraps for now, we're curious to see how the network will balance this new speedster with the threat of Dr Alchemy. Let's just hope that The Flash doesn't begin to suffer from the Spider-Man 3 syndrome, stuffing too many villains into one story.


What do you think of Savitar so far?

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