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Just when you thought Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan had already evolved to 's ultimate form, they go and thrust themselves even further into greatness with a stunning Step Up homage.

Step Up's 10 year anniversary isn't just about celebrating the movie, it's the perfect opportunity for Channing and Jenna to celebrate how they fell in love on the set a decade ago. From the looks of the on-point lift and their loved up Instagram feeds, not much has changed.

If you compare their homage to the original below, it's clear that these guys have genius muscle memory or they've been practicing for all these years. I mean, when you have a gift like this to give to the world, why let it go to waste?

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This isn't the only time that Channing and Jenna have shown their love through the medium of dance though, and below is celebration of some of their best couple's cavorting over the years.

Step Up (2006)

Naturally, due to its status as the best dance movie EVAAAAA, Step Up has a plethora of dazzling dances executed by dazzling people and the one above is totally my favorite. The chemistry! The elegance! The arms!

I'm On A Bus Motherfucka Don't You Ever Forget

A movie as great as Magic Mike deserves a real song and dance, and why not do it on a bus for extra glory?

The Totally Casual 'Swept Off My Feet On Set' Dance

Can Channing Tatum come to my office and sweep me into his steely arms on my lunch break, please?

Lip Sync Battle (2016)

How is Jenna better at dancing than Magic Mike himself?! Poor Chan looks like he might die of an embarrassment -elated aneurysm, but that just means she's doing a good job. Amirite?

What is your favorite Jenna and Channing dance moment?


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