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Every season finale has to have its cliffhanger. For Legends of Tomorrow that meant meeting the first member of the Justice Society, and for The Flash that meant resetting the entire timeline. The Supergirl finale seemed all wrapped up in a neat bow, after Kara and J'onn J'onzz defeated Non and Indigo — until the now-infamous pod crashed down on Earth, of course.

The episode ended with Kara opening the pod, leading fans to speculate on who, or what, was inside. Well, The CW has just revealed exactly what Kara discovered in the pod, so read on at your own risk — there are mega spoilers ahead.

A plethora of new information was released at the Television Critics Association — you can look forward to two musical episodes as the next Supergirl/The Flash crossover, a new speedster villain for The Flash, and a character coming out as queer. So much information, in fact, that this little reveal almost got lost in the noise. But you can count the pod mystery as solved, because...

Mon-El Is In The Pod

Mon-El is an alien hero with many of the same powers as Kara and Clark, although his weakness is lead, not Kryptonite. This is thanks to his Daxamite heritage, so we might get to see another alien race explored in the show. His comic book origins vary dependent on which continuity and retcon you're following (a classic DC move, that), and the Supergirl writers will no doubt redo his backstory to line up with the show's story.

Mon-El in the DC comics.
Mon-El in the DC comics.

In the classic version of Mon-El's story, he was an interstellar traveller who landed on Krypton just before the planet was destroyed. Jor-El gave Mon-El a map to Earth, and the Daxamite immediately set off in his spaceship, putting himself into suspended animation. (Why he couldn't just go home to Daxam is glossed over, so maybe Supergirl will explain this.)

Mon-El arrived on Earth around the time that Clark was known as the kid hero Superboy, and the two became fast friends. Interestingly, Mon-El suffered amnesia after landing on Earth. His real name — Lar Gand — and his Daxamite heritage forgotten, Clark gave this stranger a new name. This is how Lar Gand came to be known as Mon-El, as Clark adopted him into the El family.

There's a reason it's Batman who's known as DC's greatest detective, and not Superman. [DC]
There's a reason it's Batman who's known as DC's greatest detective, and not Superman. [DC]

The fact that the character is listed as Mon-El in Supergirl, not Lar Gand, hints that he'll also suffer amnesia in live action show. That would certainly be an interesting plot to explore, but there's something else that's got us intrigued, as Mon-El's entrance heralds the introduction of a new superhero team.

Enter The Legion

Adapting quickly to life on Earth, Mon-El joined Superboy's adventures with the Legion of Super-Heroes. If that team's name sounds familiar, it should, as their entrance was teased by a sneaky Easter Egg in Supergirl Season 1.

The Legion ring in the Fortress of Solitude [CBS]
The Legion ring in the Fortress of Solitude [CBS]

Not to be confused with the Legion of Doom — the villains for Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 — this legion is of the heroic type. Formed in the 30th century, this futuristic superhero team has a good working relationship with Superboy in the DC comics, after time travel shenanigans catapulted the young Clark into the future.

The Legion ring in Supergirl implies that this version of Clark also encountered the Legion of Super-Heroes, and fans have been waiting to discover if Kara will also get to team up with these characters. Mon-El's entrance could connect Kara to the Legion, which would make sense considering that hint from earlier on in the show. How and why the Legion of Super-Heroes gets introduced in Supergirl remains to be seen, but we may very well see some time travel in Season 2.

The Legion of Super-Heroes [DC Comics]
The Legion of Super-Heroes [DC Comics]

It all depends on whether the pod crash landing was Mon-El's first arrival to Earth, or his second. If this is the first time he arrives, then Supergirl may replace Mon-El's origin story and friendship with Clark, with a new story of how Kara takes him under her wing and gives him the name Mon-El. That would erase his connection to the Legion.

However, it seems more likely that this is the second time Mon-El crash landed — in the comics, the Daxamite was poisoned by lead and sent to the Phantom Zone, spending a thousand years in suspended animation until a cure could be found by Saturn Girl. This was during Mon-El's time among the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th century. If Supergirl uses this plot, Mon-El could have crashed to Earth from the Phantom Zone after his time among the Legion, establishing a crucial connection between Kara and the superhero team.

Either way, it'll be very exciting to see this character join the show!

Do you want Kara to team up with the Legion of Super-Heroes in Season 2?

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