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Ever since his short, albeit awesome, cameo appearance in Arrow's fourth season, the fan demand for Constantine to appear in the Arrowverse has been high. With Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 featuring a rotating roster that could include all major superheroes from the three shows, fans have repeatedly asked if Constantine could appear as a recurring member.

Arrowverse architect Greg Berlanti has generally side-stepped the whole Constantine question in the past. And Arrow exec Marc Guggenheim seems certain Constantine won't be making any more appearances on his show, much to fans' dismay.

But Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Phil Klemmer was more optimistic with his answer in a new interview with Zap2It, and it's one that is sure to excite fans:

"If the show goes as many seasons as I hope it does, it would be a crime for (Constantine) not to appear in our universe"

It seems that Klemmer is definitely determined to get actor Matt Ryan back in the Arrowverse as Constantine and that is something that may give many fans hope for the return of a fan-favorite character whose own show didn't fare so well.

John Constantine
John Constantine

Bringing Constantine on the same team as Sara Lance would be also be a great dynamic to explore as Constantine is the one who restored Sara's soul. Having Constantine on the Legends roster would be very interesting as the show would have to deal with both time travel and the occult arts. Having the team deal with the realm of magic brings up an interesting conversation: With Constantine on board, who else might we see on the show?

Could We See Justice League Dark?

Justice League Dark
Justice League Dark

With Guillermo Del Toro leaving the planned Justice League Dark live action movie, the film was left in production hell and is now being adapted into an animated feature film set in the DC Animated Universe. Ryan is set to reprise his role as Constantine, at least in voice. Could this mean we now have an opening for him and the rest of the Justice League Dark to appear in the Arrowverse? If so, who else might appear?

Zatanna: The Mystical Connection

Fans were very disappointed last year when the Arrow producers teased Zatanna on multiple occasions - the "mysterious friend of Constantine" in Hub City - only to not bring her in at all. Zatanna would have been a great ally to Team Arrow last year with the mystic art threat they faced from Damien Darkh, and with Darkh now appearing on Legends as part of the Legion of Doom, Zatanna would be a fantastic addition to the roster.

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Doctor Fate: Following The Helmet Of Fate Tease

While not a member of Justice League Dark, Doctor Fate would be an amazing addition to Legends of Tomorrow. His appearance was teased in Constantine with the Helmet of Fate appearing in the show. With that universe confirmed to be a part of the Flarrowverse, Doctor Fate could very well appear on the show. The focus of the Justice Society in Season 2 will make Fate's transition into the show that much easier. It would be great to see Fate as a full time member of the Society and who knows, maybe Fate could be introduced first and be the one to bring Constantine into the show.

Doctor Fate
Doctor Fate

Swamp Thing: The Long Shot

Although we would all love to see Swamp Thing appear, the show's CGI budget would mean that he would most likely only appear in one of two episodes if he wereto come on board. The show is heavily reliant on CGI for most of its characters (Firestorm and Atom) and the Waverider, so having to use a lot of the budget to bring in Swamp Thing would mean that he would only be seen once or twice.

Over the past year, the CW has become more open when it comes to introducing DC characters. From lesser-known characters such as Ragman to Superman, the iconic character that people thought would never appear, CW has been surprising us all with their character inclusions. We can only hope that their next one involves Constantine and Justice League Dark.

Would you like to see the Justice League Dark brought into Legends?

[Source: Zap2It]


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