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CW is looking to do big things with this upcoming season of Supergirl. News has been dropping like rainfall in Miami since the CW acquired the rights to the last daughter of Krypton. First they dropped a bomb on us with the casting of former Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin as Superman.

Then we got word that Mon-El would be making his debut into the Arrowverse by way of Kara Zor-El's show. Now the show will feature not one, but two Martians. Yup… in its CW inaugural season Supergirl is adding Miss Martian. The details of her story-arc have yet to be released, but she's being played by 43-year-old actress/singer Sharon Leal. Leal isn't a household name by any means, but I'm sure she has recognizable face, I'll get into that later. There aren't any details about the age of Miss Martian, but I can't imagine having a 43-year old actor playing a teenage girl will sit well with fans. Well on that note lets get to it. Here are a few things you should know about Miss Martian and Sharon Leal.

Sharon's Been Surrounded by Platinum

Sharon Leal co-starred in four films with three multi-platinum artist; In her first big time movie role she shared screen time with Queen B Beyoncé in Dreamgirls (2006) as Michelle Morris the woman that replaces Effie in the group.

Leal would later share the screen with pop icon Janet Jackson, or Miss Jackson if you nasty in Why Did I Get Married and Why Did I Get Married Too as Diane Bob, the cheating attorney. She also played the older sister to Chris Brown's character in the family dramady This Christmas as Kelli Whitfield. See...straight platinum.

Miss Martian, If that's Her Real Name?

Miss Martian first introduction may have came in Teen Titans issue #37, but many fans got to know her from one of the greatest cartoons ever, Young Justice.

Lets have a moment of silence for the short-lived series-you were taken from us too soon RIP Young Justice,"What is dead may never die" .

So yeah...Miss Martian's real name is M'gann M'orzz, don't let her skin fool you she's actually part of the White Martians. M'gann said peace to their villainous ways and decided Earth was the best way to rehabilitate herself.

Sharon: Not Just A Talented Actress

Sharon Leal's Dreamgirls role asked her to play a singer, well it turns out Ms. Leal has some pipes on her in real life. She released her first studio album back in 2014 titled Leal with Taton Music Group record label. Are they still called record labels? Anywho here is her music video for the track "Giant."

Miss Martian The Fraud

As I mentioned earlier the green martian formerly know as white skin color is... you guessed it white, or maybe you didn't. Miss Martian's decision to live on Earth was in part because of J'onn aka Martian Manhunter as she looked to him for someone to aspire to be. Of course J'onn didn't know Miss Martian was big fat phony, except for on Young Justice where we got to see Miss Martian's true form.

In the comics she posed as a green Martian momentarily tricking J'onn into thinking she's part of his extinct race. After being caught in her scandalous lie, J'onn took her under his wing, well cape or whatever-understanding her need for redemption and rehabilitation. M'gann maintains her green skin color out of respect for her mentor.

Sharon's A Small Screen Veteran

She's been part of a number of TV shows: Legacy, Guiding Light, and Boston Public, among others. However, I got to see Sharon as a former cheerleader turned captain back in 2010 with her stint on the CW. You can even say she had a run-in with superman playing Vanessa Hodge for two seasons as the coach of the Hellcats. How? Well the short lived series titled Hellcats was produced by Tom Welling aka CW's original Clark Kent. See what I did there, I'd admire me too.

Miss Martian May Be DC's Most Powerful Hero

Miss Martian is an absolute beast. She's a telepath with exceptional strength taht can match Superman's, and invulnerability. Her telepathy is almost limitless, she can create projections and illusions along with transferring information and astral traveling. She has the ability to shape shift and regenerate at will. M'gann is also capable of manipulating her limbs by expanding them to great lengths. Simply put, this chick is a force to be reckoned with. I can't wait to see how she's introduce into CW's Arrowverse on this upcoming season of Supergirl.


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