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1 . There Is Nothing Wrong With Repeating Outfits

Despite what a lot of girls may think, repeating outfits is totally OK! Why? Well first of all, most people won’t even notice. Seriously, you are the only one who remembers that you wore that same dress to dinner two weeks ago. Everyone else has no idea. And secondly, the reason we repeat outfits is because we like them. When I find a new favorite outfit that I feel fantastic in, of course I’m going to wear it a lot. And I’m going to enjoy it too, dammit!

2 . Being Scantily Clad Does NOT Mean You Are A Slut

You have to admit that Wonder Woman’s clothes are, well, more of a bathing suit than anything else. Maybe that’s how she got her name — because it’s a wonder that her woman parts don’t fall out in the middle of a battle (ba-dum-tshh). But seriously, when’s the last time you saw Wonder Woman participate in a Sunday morning Walk of Shame, huh? That’s right, you haven’t. (Although, I do suppose it would be rather convenient to have an invisible jet in that situation.)

3 . You Can Be A Physically Strong Woman And Still Be Gorgeous

I’m also going to give a shout out to MMA fighters, Ronda Rousey and Gina Carano, because they’re gorgeous too. If Gal Gadot had not turned out to be an awesome Wonder Woman, my money would have been on one of those two to represent the character.

4 . Accessories Really Can Make The Outfit (And Even The Person)

The first appearance of Wonder Woman was in 1941, so it only makes sense that the design of her costume would go through some major changes over the years. Depending on which series you look at, she can be seen wearing pants, wearing a skirt, wearing a jacket, wearing sleeves, wearing a high neck line — the list goes on. But no matter which Wonder Woman costume you look at, the defining features are always her accessories: Breastplate + Tiara + Bracelets = Wonder Woman. I mean, they’re her weapons. They’re part of her superpowers. They’re part of what make her Wonder Woman. So why can’t we live like that? Why can’t we use accessories as a way to stand out? Why can’t we use accessories to make a statement about who we are? Oh wait, we can!

5 . You Can Look Fabulous In Boots All Year Round

Enough said. Wear your boots proudly, ladies. You look great!

The lasso of truth compels you to check out the video below and brush up on your Wonder Woman fan knowledge:

Which comic book character do you think has the coolest costume?


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