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Through the cloud of craziness that surrounded Suicide Squad arose a rumor of a Harley Quinn solo film. Although actress Margot Robbie had touched on the subject before it has now regained attention after her stellar performance in Suicide Squad. That said, it has become quite clear that Harley Quinn is more than deserving of her own film. The only question left to conquer is what exactly would we as fans like to see in this film if it potentially happens? So I complied a list of items that would truly help make a Harley Quinn film special.

1. Harley And Joker Relationship

Suicide Squad did touch briefly on Harley and Joker's on and off again abusive relationship but it just wasn't quite satisfying. Coming from a fan of the Harley's I think that it's truly important that her relationship with the Joker is truly elaborated on. In a way, part of what makes her such a great character is that she has this constant battle of good and evil going on inside of her head and the Joker messes with her state of mind. Harleen just wants a normal life and to be loved by the Joker, but whenever the Joker is around craziness ensues and Harley takes over. This would be a really cool three-dimensional concept that filmmakers should really capitalize on that will allow Harley to reach her full potential.

2. SKWAD Members

While watching Suicide Squad, one of the biggest takeaways I got was that Robbie's Harley Quinn thrived when surrounded by her villainous friends. Her banter fit in well with the likes of Deadshot and crew. That said, I think it would be only fitting to allow a few or at least one of the SKWAD members to have a couple brief scenes with her. Allowing this to happen would also open up the comedy that the film would need in order to thrive. I mean let's face it, Harley Quinn is just craziness enough to be pretty funny.

3. Poison Ivy

One of the more interesting relationships that Harley Quinn has is with Poison Ivy. The two have developed a unique friendship that in some more recent comic book storylines has even turned into romance. Although, the item I would like most about having Poison Ivy appear in Harley's film would be how she sort of plays Harley's conscious. Ivy has always been the one to point out when Harley needed to just be done with Joker due to his abusive attitude. Having her to snap Harley out of this love-trance with the Joker would allow Harley to move further along as a character in the DCEU. Therefore, this would break her away from having the title of just being the Joker's tag-a-long.

4. Villains

Now I know what you're thinking. How can a villain have a villain? Well I guess by villain I mean an opposition. Whether this come in the form of Batman or (in the case of DC Rebirth 'Harley Quinn' #1) zombies, she still needs to have an opposition. She is not just a pretty face and she needs to be respected as such. This girl can really kick some butt, so getting some really good actions scenes are highly important to her solo endeavor. Also, maybe have her use the classic mallet in the solo film instead of the baseball bat used in Suicide Squad.

5. Margot Robbie To Produce

Robbie has expressed in the past that she would be interested in producing a solo Harley Quinn film and apparently Warner Bros. accepted her request. More importantly having the lead actress at the helm of the film will allow her to hopefully control the film's general direction. I mean in my opinion, Robbie nailed Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad and I think she would do a fine job at producing. Also, I think most would agree that it would be better than having David Ayer or Zack Snyder potentially producing and getting bullied by the studio. The fact that Robbie is the lead actress of the film may give her some additional leverage. But who knows? I guess we will just have to wait.

What do you think? What would you like to see in a Harley Quinn solo film?

Suicide Squad now in theaters.


What would like to see in a Harley Quinn solo film?


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