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In case you didn't know, those cute little rascals the Rugrats marked their 25th anniversary on August 11.

To celebrate, here are 25 fun facts about this classic series:

1. Co-Creator Paul Germain Came Up With the Idea for Rugrats The Day He Was Due To Pitch To Nickelodeon

Germain was at a loss before forming the last-minute idea of a show based around the antics of babies. Lead character Tommy Pickles was inspired by Germain's own infant son.

2. The Rugrats Pilot, 'Tommy Pickles And The Great White Thing' Has Never Been Aired On Television

The reason for this was probably the large number of differences between the pilot and the eventual series. The animation style is quite different, some characters have different names, and Tommy is voiced by a different actress, Tami Holbrook.

The episode is available on the Decade In Diapers anniversary DVD.

3. Though The Pilot Never Aired, A Scene From It Was Used By Nickelodeon As A Bumper

Tommy's shirt was digitally recolored to match the Nickelodeon Logo.

4. Mark Mothersbaugh, The Series Composer, Was Once A Member Of The Band Devo

Mothersbaugh also inspired the character design for Chuckie Finster, and sang the Reptar Cereal theme in the episode "Incident On Aisle 7."

5. Rugrats Premiered On August 11, 1991, Alongside Fellow Original Nicktoons, Doug, And Ren & Stimpy

It was second in the lineup, beginning with the episode "Tommy's First Birthday."

6. Tommy Is So Brave Because He Was Born Premature

Tommy is heavily implied to have been born premature. In the Season 4 special "Mother's Day," he is shown inside an incubator in a flashback, with his earliest memory being a visit from his mother.

This could explain why Didi often seems overly concerned about him in early episodes, and probably why he is so brave — Tommy Pickles was born a fighter.

7. Chuckie Is Afraid Because He Spent His Early Life Unable To See Properly

In the Season 2 episode "Chuckie Loses His Glasses," we see how frightening the world is for Chuckie without his glasses. Everything looks like a monster. Knowing he spent his infancy like this, it is easy to understand why he was so afraid.

8. Arlene Klasky, One Of The Show's Creators, Initially Disliked Angelica

She believed her to be too mean. This was likely the reason why the character was softened slightly in Season 3. By the time production began on The Rugrats Movie, Klasky had warmed to Angelica.

9. The Passover Special Was Originally Intended As The Final Episode Of Rugrats

The show continued in reruns, earning the highest ratings on Nickelodeon. When an intended one-off Chanukuh special also rated well, Nickelodeon decided to revive the series, and greenlit production on The Rugrats Movie.

10. The Series Returned With The Mother's Day Special

Aired in prime time, to great critical acclaim and praise for the sensitive handling of it's subject matter, this special revealed that Chuckie's Mother had died of an unspecified terminal illness.

Kim Catrall guest starred as Melinda Finster, Chuckie's Mother.

11. When The Rugrats Movie Entered Production, All Of The Core Voice Cast Had To Re-Audition

They all retained their roles, and Tara Strong, who had previously voiced recurring character Timmy McNulty, joined the cast in the role of Tommy's new baby brother, Dil Pickles.

12. The Rugrats Movie Revealed The Name Of Stu And Drew's Mother As Trixie.

This means that Grandpa Lou was probably lying in the episode "Grandpa's Date" when he tells his former girlfriend, Morgana, that he never kissed Trixie McGee.

Oh, Grandpa, you old devil.

13. The Rugrats Movie Was The First Non-Disney Animated Film To Gross over $100 Million At The Box Office

It was also the first animated film to be produced by Nickelodeon Movies.

14. E.G. Daily (Tommy) and Tara Strong (Dil) Were No Stranger To Playing Siblings

They voiced sisters Buttercup and Bubbles in the original series of The Powerpuff Girls. Both women have expressed sadness at not being asked to return for the revival series.

15. Runaway Reptar, The First Rugrats TV Movie, Aired On May 27, 1999

The first two-parter for any Nicktoon, Runaway Reptar was a parody of the classic Japanese movie, Godzilla Vs MechaGodzilla.

16. Rugrats In Paris, The Second Film, Was The Only Theatrically Released Nicktoon Film Not To Feature Its Series Usual Main Character As The Protagonist

Rugrats In Paris puts Chuckie center stage, with the film following his search for a new mommy, and introducing the characters of Kimi and Kira. It was the best critically received of the three Rugrats films.

17. Dionne Quan, Kimi's Voice Actress, Is Legally Blind.

Special braille versions of the scripts needed to be made for her. She was also the youngest member of the Rugrats voice cast, landing the role of Kimi at age 19.

18. On June 28, 2001, Rugrats Received A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame In Honor Of Its Tenth Anniversary

It is the only Nickelodeon series to have ever received this honor.

19. Chuckie Is The Only Original Character To Have Been Voiced By Two Different Actresses

Chuckie's original voice actress, Christine Cavanaugh, retired from voice acting in 2001, departing the series after completing work on the third episode of Season 8, "Bow Wow Wedding Vows." She was replaced by Nancy Cartwright, best known as the voice of Bart Simpson.

20. E.G Daily Once Recorded Lines For Rugrats While In Labor

That is one dedicated voice actress.

21. Grandpa Lou's Second Wife, Lulu, Was Voiced By Actress Debbie Reynolds

She voiced the role from Season 7 onward.

22. The Character Of Taffy, The Babysitter In Rugrats 9th And Final Season, Was Created To Capitalize On The Success Of Her Voice Actress, Amanda Bynes

23. Three Possible Rugrats Spin-Offs Were Planned: All Grown Up, Pre-School Daze, And The Carmichaels.

Only All Grown Up was successful, running for five seasons.

24. Rugrats Go Wild, A Theatrically Released Crossover With The Wild Thornberries, Was Intended As A Grand Finale For Both Series

Originally conceived as a TV special, it was lengthened and re-tooled for theatrical release after proving popular with test audiences.

25. At Nine Seasons And 173 Episodes, Rugrats Was, For A Time, The Longest Running Nicktoon, Before Being Surpassed By Spongebob Squarepants In 2012.

Happy Birthday, Rugrats!


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