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The DC world has been abuzz with excitement over the past few weeks. With Suicide Squad hitting the big screen and the San Diego Comic Con dominated by one amazing DC trailer after the other, it seems that Marvel may have a run for its money. However, it is the latest CW news that has fans literally singing with excitement. With Supergirl officially joining the Arrowverse, it is both expected and confirmed that universes will clash numerous times in the upcoming seasons. With so many universes in the mix, fans around the world have been gleefully begging for one episode in particular- a Flash and Supergirl musical crossover that will surely rock the multiverse.

Well, our prayers have finally been answered- Arrowverse co-creator Greg Berlanti has confirmed that we'll be getting a Flash/Supergirl crossover this Fall!

Joss Whedon is also rumored to be directing the musical extravaganza, but this has yet to be confirmed. Although Whedon's involvement would be the icing on top of the cake, this crossover is bound to be all kinds of epic.

Image: CBS
Image: CBS

Casual Flarrowverse fans may be a bit confused about why our heads in a spin about this new crossover; but those of you who've followed Gustin's and Benoist's careers will no exactly why. See, both The Flash and Supergirl are Glee alumni, and both can rock a tune, to say the very least. Let's take a look at their musical histories...

Grant Gustin

Just in case you weren't lucky enough to enjoy the vocal phenomenon that was Grant Gustin on Glee, in one season, plays the notorious bully Sebastian Smythe. Mr Smythe (if the name alone wasn't too much of a giveaway about the character's personality) caused much trouble for the New Directions. Now, five years later, it seems almost impossible to imagine the young actor playing such a villainous and hateful role. Having now astonished fans in the red spandex I'm certain that he will steal the show (as usual), as well as the hearts of fans with his amazing performances:

Melissa Benoist

Although Melissa Benoist joined the Glee cast in the final seasons, she didn't fail to steal the stage with her unforgettable voice. Similar to Kara, Melissa's Marley Rose in Glee was shy and awkward and quite the klutz. But just a everyone stops and stares when Supergirl puts on her suit, the crowd fall into an instant silence when Marley starts to sing:

Stephen Amell?!

Yes- the Green Arrow himself can hold a tune too! Although nothing has yet been revealed, wouldn't it be awesome (and appropriate) to include the man that started this all in what will be an unforgettable episode? Although Arrow's Stephen Amell never appeared on Glee he has performed numerous times in front of fans with his fellow co-star, John Barrowman- just see for yourselves:

Want some more Arrowverse news?

Fans know that such a musical crossover will, undoubtedly, be an instant success. But the question now that remains: how would they integrate such an episode into the plot? Well, DC is filled with quite a number of peculiar villains. Maybe they will follow Buffy's footsteps and introduce some singing, tap-dancing bad guys. Or maybe it could be some experiment of Cisco's gone wrong?

Image: The CW
Image: The CW

With only a couple of months until the Arrowverse season premiers, we can only eagerly wait for more revelations. However one thing is absolutely certain: this musical crossover would be absolutely epic!


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