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With the ongoing drama between Dwayne Johnson and his co-stars during the final days of filming Fast 8, people are wondering just how well these actors actually get along with one another. Earlier this year it was speculated about how The Fast and The Furious franchise would be exploring spin-off movies. One would feature the character of Luke Hobbs played by Dwayne Johnson. Johnson joined the franchise with Fast Five and is credited with helping to revitalize the franchise. Since his character being a law enforcer, he is always on the outskirts anyways compared to the main cast. So with real-life issues bleeding in, it is time for the Hobbs spin-off.

Fiction mirrors real life
Fiction mirrors real life

When Dwayne Johnson joined the series, he brought in a new sense of energy. He was a mix of Tommy Lee Jones's character from The Fugitive as he was a dedicated man on a mission and an '80s action movie with his constant one-liners and charisma. It was no surprise that he teamed up with the cast by the end and was brought back in the next movie seeking their help out. Though he was the straight man in most scenarios, he proved his character was not joyless as he would surprise many with his comebacks. There was always something about the character of Hobbs that really made him stick out.

Then Furious 7 came out and even before certain tragic events happened, Johnson was not to have a big role in the movie. His schedule was too jam-packed when the movie began production, so Hobbs's role is only in the beginning and end of the movie. This seems to have changed with Fast 8, as his role is implied to have been beefed up due to the tragic events mentioned above. But real-life drama has leaked in and Johnson is none too pleased with certain costars and the feeling seems to be returned by said costars. So where does the series go from here?

It has been said that Fast 10 will be the last in the franchise. No doubt Johnson will be part of that movie. The grand finale would have to feature the main person who helped revitalize it and get it to that place. But will he be in 9? Johnson has one of the busiest schedules in Hollywood as he is constantly working. In between his various movies, his HBO series Ballers and various other projects, he is in demand. Let's just get down to it as well: Johnson is slumming it with The Fast and The Furious movies now. Compared to the other protagonists, he has other things going for him.

So, a Hobbs spin-off movie would make sense. With each passing movie, we learn more about the character. In Furious 7, we learned that he had a daughter. This aspect looks to be expanded upon in Fast 8. Who knows what else we will learn about the character. Johnson has also been constantly talking about how the character will see a drastic change. But with the Fast and Furious series being an ensemble piece, we will never learn much about Hobbs as he has to share the screen with a large cast.

The new look of Luke Hobbs
The new look of Luke Hobbs

All the pieces are in place for the movie as well. Dwayne Johnson is one of the highest-grossing and highest-paid actors in Hollywood. He has had some of the biggest movies in the past few years. He is well-liked and through his production company, has carved a nice niche for himself. It would be wise for Universal Studios (who owns The Fast and The Furious franchise) to hand the keys over to Johnson to develop a Hobbs movie. The pieces are all there and ready to be put together; it is only a matter of time before we get this movie.

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