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By now, everyone knows who Kylo Ren is. Either you were spoiled going in to seeing The Force Awakens or it was revealed to you in the film. Kylo Ren is, of course, the adopted name of Ben Solo, lost son of Han and Leia. "Lost" as he was seduced by the dark side thanks to Supreme Leader Snoke.

We’ve seen a few hilarious videos using the character of Kylo Ren including Adam Driver reprising the role in already famous skit on Saturday Night Live that parodied the show Undercover Boss. Now, Kylo Ren wants to share with you his reaction to the recent Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer. Check it out below!

This trailer reaction video comes courtesy of Auralnauts's YouTube channel. The video takes clips from The Force Awakens, in particularly the one where we see Kylo Ren speaking to his long-lost grandfather (Darth Vader). The people behind the video did a fantastic job cutting the same scene from the film and trailers to make it seem like it’s one continuous shot of Ren watching the trailer. The voice-over work is also a job well done as it sounds EXACTLY like Kylo Ren talking.

What Were Some Of The Highlights Of The Reaction Video?

There were plenty of funny moments to go around in this trailer reaction video. Auralnauts did a great job showing us what Kylo Ren would potentially have said while watching this trailer. He is Team Empire after all.

Some of the best moments include when Kylo Ren mentions all of the “sharp angles, spheres, and windows” that make the Empire such a threat. Ren also establishes the thought of exactly what we as an audience are all thinking: Who is Jyn Erso and where did she come from? Is she a Bothan spy? A former Imperial Officer of the Empire? These questions certainly will continue to be raised as we inch closer to Rogue One's release date.

One of my favorite moments from this trailer was when Kylo critiques the Rebels' use of a missile launcher: “Where were those on Hoth?” Ren claims that if the Rebels had these launchers at their disposal against the AT-ATs during the Battle of Hoth, “they may have actually won that battle.”

The final image of Ren’s reaction however is priceless. After seeing Darth Vader at the conclusion of the trailer, Ren flips out hacking and slashing claiming that it couldn’t possibly be Hayden Christensen playing Darth Vader. However, whether it’s him in the suit or not, Ren is clearly excited to see this movie and that’s what matters most.


What new character are you most excited to see in Rogue One?


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